Tensei Kenja – 6






Job: Tamer, Sage

Skills: Taming, Light Magic, Shadow Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Thunder Magic, Wind Magic, Time-space Magic, Special Magic, Great Magic, Familiar Magic, Support Magic, Altering Magic, Ultra Combat Arts.

Attributes: None

HP: 135/193

MP: -85331/1567

Abnormality: Overuse of magic



With this much HP, I should be able to attack a few times with magic.

We were also now close enough to hear the voices of the Adventurers. And so I should be able to reach the monsters with my attacks.

Alright, time for some covering fire.


‘…Here goes the attack transfer. Are you ready?’


‘Ready when you are!’


‘Let’s get them!’


The slimes said cheerfully. And so I used ‘Shared Senses’ to target one of the monsters.

And aimed carefully so I wouldn’t hit any of the Adventurers–


‘Attack Transfer—Fireball!’


I could feel my HP going down just as I watched the pale Fireball shoot forward.

The result—a success.

The Fireball slammed into the monster wolf’s body and blew it into the air. 


‘Attack Transfer–Fireball!’


Even as I watched, I sent the second one.

This one also found its target, and so we took down our second monster.

Though, the Adventurers seems startled by this sudden support…


“Here’s our chance! Let’s get them!”


When they realized that two of the wolves had gone down, they struck back all at once.

Now they had the advantage.

It was three against three. And Gale and the others seemed stronger.


—It took less than five minutes for them to kill all of the remaining monsters.

As I didn’t want to stay up too late the night before the test, I decided to end it there.


‘Alright, good work. You can come back to the inn now.’




And like that, the slimes and I fell into a deep sleep.

…The test was tomorrow.

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