Tensei Kenja – 46

Apparently, They Were Famous Bandits


“I killed all of them.”


I reported to Tina.


“No way! But that was so fast!?”


“It’s true. I used the slimes to freeze all of them.”


“…Still, it’s hard to believe. It’s possible that they may be wanted. So I would like to go and confirm…”


That was true. While I could watch the scene through the slimes and use magic to defeat them, Tina had been here talking to me. It would be very odd from her perspective.

But then again, what if I hadn’t really killed all of them and we were attacked?


“Alright, what if I brought the ones I killed over here?”


“Huh? You can do that!?”


“Well, it will be the tamed monsters who will be doing it, so I’ll have to ask them…”


So saying, I activated Monster Mutual Understanding and contacted the Proud Wolf.


‘Proud Wolf. Can you and the slimes carry the bodies back?’


‘Uh…if we can drag them. Yes!’


The Proud Wolf said as he looked at some rope that hung on the side of the cottage.


‘I don’t mind. Do it.’


‘Understood! Will you help me, slimes?’





And with that, the slimes bound up the frozen bandits with rope and then held the other ends as they rode on the Proud Wolf.


‘Alright, here we go!’


The Proud Wolf declared before he started running.

He was dragging the weight of four humans, but his speed seemed to be the same as usual.

…I suppose the Proud Wolf really was just lacking in confidence, but actually quite powerful.


As I thought about this, the Proud Wolf got closer and closer.


“A Proud Wolf with slimes on his back will appear soon. They are monsters that I tamed, so don’t attack them.”






Not a minute passed after that when the Proud Wolf arrived.

Slimes rode on his back, and they were holding onto ropes which had bandits on the other end. They were still frozen solid.

Tina and Lisa saw one of them…and raised their voices.


“Is that…Gelios!?”


“What!? Is it really him!? …It is!!”


…Uh, they were really overreacting.

Surely they weren’t acquaintances?


“Do you know him?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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