Tensei Kenja – 46


“That’s not the point! Have you never heard of Gelios!?”


“You do know that he is the most famous bandit in this area!?”


…I see.

But, no, I had never heard the name Gelios before.


“So, what kind of bandit was he?”


“He’s a bandit that has robbed and murdered countless people. But has evaded capture for so long due to his strength! I’m pretty sure that the price on his head was insane!”


“Yes, I believe it was around 2,500,000 cicols. The others aren’t as famous as Gelios, but they are all dangerous and well-known too! …Yuji. How did you kill them all!?”


“So, Rodis was connected with such men, huh? Yuji, this would have been a disaster if you weren’t here.”


2,500,000 cicols.

If I remember correctly, it cost me 150,000 to take the guild test, and that had been considered a lot of money. So 2,500,000 should be a great amount for a reward.


“So, I should take this to the guild?”


I said while pointing to the frozen bandits.

Their HP was at 0, so we could always just leave them here. But we were probably obligated to bring them back since they were wanted men.

As I thought about this, Tina told me something useful.


“You can just use a magic tool to confirm the kill, so you don’t have to carry them. The bigger issue is what we should do now.”




“Yes. With Rodis gone, our fighting force may not be enough to finish the quest…unless… Yuji, could you act as a scout and fight at the same time?”


I see. So that’s what she meant.

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  1. Might be disgusting, but I like not leaving behind frozen stuff, or stuff in general, so I vote they get those “works of art” back to town 😀
    Thanks again for the chapter! Awesome translation!

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