Tensei Kenja – 47

I Found Some Useful Magic


“I can fight while scouting. Though my MP gets depleted every time the slimes use magic, so I can’t use it too much.”


“That’s fine. As long as you can protect yourself, we should be able to manage the rest.”


“It’s settled then. There’s no harm in finishing a quest we’ve already accepted.”


And with that, I sent the Proud Wolf and slimes back into the forest. Having them spread out was our best defense against an ambush.

As for combat and scouting, the slimes could do it as long as they remained hidden throughout.

Still, I decided to search for some magic that would fit the occasion.


“Alright, you do that then. …Now, I suppose we better set up camp. We have to retrieve our camping equipment, so I need you to secure the area.”


“I understand retrieving the equipment, but you want to set up camp again? But we just did that?”


“But we were interrupted and some of us didn’t get enough sleep. Especially you, Yuji. You couldn’t have been sleeping very soundly if you noticed Rodis had gone missing?”


I see. So we would get the sleep we had missed out on.

This world was a lot nicer than my old company.


The slimes had actually told me about Rodis, but it didn’t change the fact that I hadn’t gotten that much sleep.

…I should take them up on their kind offer.


“Alright. Let’s go retrieve the camping equipment.”


I said. Then I ordered the slimes.


‘We’re going back to get our equipment. See if there are any monsters in the area.’






And with that, the Proud Wolf and slimes went to see if the area was secure.

Thankfully, they returned with the news that everything was still there and no monsters had been there.


“My tent is fine… Okay, that’s everything then.”


Tina said as she walked around the area after making sure that her belongings were there.

The sky was already starting to brighten.


“But this place has been exposed by the bandits, maybe we should change locations just to be safe.”


“It’ll be a lot of trouble finding a perfect spot again, but I think you are right.”


Tina looked very drowsy and muttered as if she would really rather not do that.

…Maybe this was a good time to try a little trick.


“I’ll find a camping spot for you.”


“Huh? Tamed monsters can do that too?”


“No, they don’t have that ability. …But, I can see what they are looking at.”


And so saying, I grabbed the slime that was on my shoulder.

…When there were this many slimes gathered together, it was large and hard to grab.


‘Hey, split up so you become a little smaller.’


‘Okay! …How much smaller?’


‘Throwing size.’


The slimes heard this and raised their voices in surprise.


‘…Are you going to throw us again!? It was so shocking the last time you did it!’


‘Yeah. That’s why I am telling you now. I am going to throw you. Do you mind?’


‘Hmm… It’s fine if we know in advance!’




And with that, I grabbed one of the slimes that had separated from the big one.

And then I hurled it high into the air.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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