10 Years After – 195

Buying Gifts


I asked Shia to contact Danton for me, and it was decided that I would visit the next day.

And if I was to visit, I had to prepare.

I would also have to tell the water dragons that I wouldn’t be able to reach them as quickly as before.

While we had just recently destroyed the enemy’s main base, and the attacks had lessened, we still had to be on our guard.


And so once the usual morning walk with Grulf was finished, I spoke to Princess Leea and Grand Chamberlain Morris.


“I want to go too.”

“You cannot, Princess. You are the heart of this water dragon settlement.”


Morris said sternly.

The place was still tense from all of the fighting that had occurred.

The other dragons would worry if she was not there.


“Perhaps you’re right… I suppose it cannot be helped. But, could you take a gift for me?”


Leea said as she gave it to me.

It was some delicious water dragon water. I tried some for myself, and it was quite good. It was supposed to be very healthy.

It would be very heavy to carry, but at least I had the magic bag.


She also gave me some fish that had been caught in their lake.


“Ruck. Come visit us as soon as you are done.”

“I know. I’ll come as soon as I can. Besides, the beastkin wolves live only about two hours from the city. I can come back immediately if something happens.”

“Yes. We’re counting on you.”


The water dragons watched me as I returned to the mansion.

Shia and Serulis were training in the yard.

Nia, Milka, and Luchila were studying with Philly.


“Now, Grulf. We should go and buy gifts while we can.”


“You sure are energetic, considering we just went on a walk.”


Just as we were about to leave the mansion,

“Please, wait!”

Kathe rushed out of the magic circle room.



Grulf was quite happy to see her.

I had told him that it was fine to jump onto Kathe, so he tended to get very excited.

He put both of his front paws on her shoulders and licked her face.

“There, there. Good boy.”

Kathe said as she petted him.


“What is it, Kathe? You seem to be in a hurry.”

“I heard it from Leea. You’re to go and have fun at Shia’s settlement!”

“Uh, yes. But…”

It wasn’t for fun. But explaining it to her seemed like too much trouble.


“Well, I might as well go too then.”

“What about your work?”

“Nevermind that. Besides, it will be much faster if I carry you there.”

“That’s true.”


It might be two hours on foot, but Kathe could fly there in a few minutes.

Also, Kathe would be able to take me back to the water dragon settlement if something happened. That would be comforting.


“So, are you going to Shia’s settlement now?”

“No, I’m going tomorrow. Today I’ll be buying gifts to take with me.”

“I see! Gifts! I’ll go with you.”

“Fine, we can go together.”


And so Grulf, Kathe, and I left the mansion.

We went through the back door, so as not to bother Shia and Serulis.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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