10 Years After – 90

Return to the Royal Capital


“I have to find out where I am…”


So I started to explore the caves carefully.

I had come here through teleportation magic.

But there should still be a physical entrance somewhere.


After searching for some time, I found the entrance.

It was a very grand door made of stone.

And it was thoroughly locked with magic. It was probably the type that required a password.

But since I didn’t know the password, I would have to force it open.





The magic itself was quite advanced.

But not too advanced for me. It only took three seconds.


I went outside of the cave and looked around. The scenery and terrain should tell me something.


“Judging by the terrain…those mountains are in the east…”


It was about a days journey towards the north of the last Vampire High Lord base we had destroyed.

And the High Lord base had been a days journey from the capital.

So this place was about two days away from the capital.

There were no towns or villages in the area. And it was far from any main roads. It was in the countryside.


“I see.”


It was so far from where humans lived. That meant it was very unlikely to be discovered.

The dark ones would be able to run around as they pleased. Maybe this was their main base.


I closed the door to the cave. Then I changed the magic lock on the door with a new password. Now the dark ones would not be able to go inside.

Only Adventurers who knew the password would be able to enter.


After that, I used the teleportation circle to return to Marquis Mastafon’s mansion.

There was still some exploration left to do here.


There were piles of ash all around. The remains of thralls, most likely.

Some of the servants were only unconscious. These had only been charmed.

There were no servants that were completely untouched.

It meant that the whole Mastafon house had been controlled.


(I hope the Marquis and his wife are safe.)


The mansion was large. It would take time to search everywhere.

And so I decided to leave once.

The guards were unconscious. Guards could not be made into thralls.

After all, people like Shia would immediately see what they were.

And so I dragged them inside before returning to my own house.


Shia and the others greeted me.

“How did it go?”

“I killed most of them. But this is an emergency. Serulis. Go and tell Goran to come to Marquis Mastafon’s mansion in a hurry.”


“Tell him that I’ve crushed another vampire base. He’ll be here as soon as possible.”

“Leave it to me!”


Serulis ran off right away.

Shia looked surprised.


“You did all of that in this short amount of time?”

“Yeah. I’m going to return to the mansion now and search it. And I’ll need your help, Shia.”

“Leave it to me!”

“Milka and Luchila. You two stay here with Lord Gerberga.”


“Mister Locke. Please be careful!”




As Shia and I tried to leave, Grulf wagged his tail and tried to follow me.


“Alright, you can come too, Grulf.”



Grulf looked very happy. It was like he thought we were off to play.

But he was still a pup, so it couldn’t be helped.


Shia, Grulf and I returned to the marquis’s mansion and went straight to Philly’s room.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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