10 Years After – 25

The Power of the God Fowl


I turned to Serulis and said,


“Well, this is a good opportunity then. I will get a house of my own.”


“Don’t act surprised.”


Serulis looked surprised, but I didn’t think it was surprising at all.

I wasn’t going to be a guest at their house forever.

I should acquire a new place as soon as possible.


Luchila had an air of reserve as he said,


“I would like to live with Lord Gerberga as well…”

“Aye, that is fine.”

“Thank you.”

“Then I’ll live there too.”

“Serulis, you have a fine house of your own.”


“Don’t act surprised.”


Serulis should live with Goran at the mansion. Or else, Goran would be worried about her.

After all, I wasn’t planning on getting a mansion the size of Goran’s.


After that, we headed back to the village.

We had to tell the chief that the situation had been resolved.


When we started walking:


A voice came from behind us.



“I feel like I just heard the cry of a sheep.”


Serulis said as she looked around.

And then the head of a sheep popped out from behind the rock that Gerberga was sitting on.


I asked Luchila,


“Is that sheep the first casualty?”

“If by casualty, you mean the cause of the shepherds being shocked.”


According to Luchila, when he had scared the shepherds and sheep, all of them had run away.

And only one sheep remained.

Luchila tried to ignore the sheep, but it took a liking to him and followed him back.


“The villagers will be happy to have their sheep returned to them.”

“That’s true.”


Serulis took out a rope from her Adventurer’s set and tied it around the sheep’s body.


“Now, let’s go!”



Serulis led the sheep away. She looked happy.

Luchila also picked up Gerberga with both arms and started to walk.



Gerberga seemed to be used to it and sat quietly in his hold.


But Luchila was looking around uneasily and seemed cautious of each step.

Serulis saw this and smiled gently.


“You don’t have to be so scared, you know?”

“But, vampires might attack us.”

“It’s fine if they attack us.”


I say. Luchila gives me a suspicious look.


“Vampires? They are frightening enemies. It’s best that we don’t encounter any.”

“Did I tell you that I recently killed a Vampire Lord?”

“No. You did say that a beastkin tribe was warring with the vampires, though…”


And so I told him the story.

We had gone out goblin hunting and ended up killing a Vampire Lord.


“Mister Locke, you were able to kill the Vampire Lord?”

“Well, I had the help of a B Ranking beastkin Warrior.”

“I see.”


Then Luchila looked at Serulis.


“Wh-what are you looking at?”

“Uh, I’m just worried that we don’t have the beastkin Warrior with us now.”

“Bu-but I’m very skilled with the sword too, you know? I’m an incredibly strong Warrior for your information!”

“Huh. That’s amazing, considering you’re just an F Rank.”



Luchila had no faith in her at all.

Serulis was not happy about that.

Her fists were shaking.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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