10 Years After – 57

Let’s think of a plan to capture Kabino


We set off for the Adventurer’s Guild.

Serulis, Luchila and Milka were with me. Also Grulf and Gerberga.

Gerberga was riding on Grulf’s back.





It sounded like Gerberga was clucking out orders while riding him.

Apparently, Grulf considered Gerberga above him in rank.


We arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild after walking for some time and quickly went inside.

There was a simple hall inside of the guild for eating.

Shia was sitting in that hall and drinking tea and eating pastries.

Ario and Josh were also sitting with her. It seemed like they were having a lively conversation.


Shia’s tail wagged vigorously as soon as she caught sight of me.


“Oh? What is it, Mister Locke? I didn’t think you would come to the guild today.”

“Mister Locke, you moved houses? Congratulations.”

“Congratulations on the new house.”


Shia looked a little surprised.

Ario, the F Rank Sorcerer, laughed happily.

Josh, the F Rank Archer and Scout, lowered his head politely.


I had once hunted goblins with Ario and Josh.


“Ah, thank you. I know it’s rather sudden, but are you busy?”

“Oh, we aren’t on any quest right now, anyway. We were going to take the day off.”

“If you need more people, we would be glad to help.”

“I am also quite unoccupied!”


Luckily, Ario, Josh and even Shia had not accepted any quests.

And so I told them.


“That’s good. I do have a request to make…”

“Do-do you need help moving?”

“That’s not it. It’s a bit of a dangerous mission. You can refuse if you want.”

“Hm. I accept.”

“Leave it to us.

“I too will accept it.”


Ario, Josh, and Shia accepted it.


“Don’t you want to hear the details first?”

“It is fine. I won’t reject a request from you, Locke.”


“I too will accept any request from you, Mister Locke!”

“You really shouldn’t say such things so lightly.”


After that, I introduced to them, my companions.

Serulis, Luchila, Milka, and Grulf and Gerberga as well.

Of course, Gereberga was only introduced as a cute chicken.

It was better to keep that part a secret for now.


And then I talked about our plans to defeat Kabino.

I wanted Ario, Josh, and Shia to block the back exits.

This was so they could arrest any who tried to escape.


“To be blunt, it will be dangerous. You can refuse if you want.”

“That’s not a problem. Leave it to us.”

“I can hardly wait.”

“To think that such bad people are in the capital. I will not forgive them!”


Serulis and I would be part of the group charging in from the front.


“The problem is Lord Gerberga…”


“Luchila, Lord Gerberga, and Grulf should stay outside of the front entrance after we have gone in.”




Grulf seemed very excited about it.

Grulf was strong. However, as he was still young, I did not want him to fight alone.

It would be better for him to stick with Luchila.


After that, we ran over to Kabino’s house.

This was so we would arrive at the time that was discussed with the district manager.


We arrived early and so I had Shia, Ario, and Josh take up their positions.

Shortly after, it was time for the plan to begin, and the district manager and his subordinates all took their positions.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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    • I understand creative liberties but I never understood when the manga/novel/anime makes a sudden genderbend to a recurring character like it’s stated that person is a guy/girl KEEP IT THAT WAY! And I understand I had that happen to me more than once now I just learn to keep the manga/novel/anime seperate from one another. 🙁

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