10 Years After – 55

Let’s Interrogate the Thugs


After the three men fell ungracefully to the ground, I ran over to Grulf and Milka.


“Ar-are you alright? Mister Locke?”


“I’m fine. I am an Adventurer. An F rank Warrior.”

“That’s amazing!”


Milka sounded very impressed.

She probably had no understanding of the rank system.

Grulf was licking my face, and so I patted him on the head.


In the meantime, Serulis and Luchila caught up with us.

Serulis understood the situation immediately and began to tie the three men up with practiced precision.

Luchila was looking around us cautiously.


“Mister Locke. Will you hand these men over to the authorities?”

“Should I call them for you?”

“Well, yes. I will hand them over, eventually…”


I asked Milka,


“So these are the money lenders who took your house?”

“That’s right. They took the house and…uh, there was something about renunciation of inheritance? And I was supposed to be free…”


It was best to renounce your inheritance if there is nothing but debts.

That way, she would have no responsibility to pay off her grandfather’s debts.


In other words, there was no basis for these men demanding any payment from her.

Still, that would not matter if Milka had money.

These thugs operated in the underworld, and they would break the law in order to get their money back.


However, Milka was clearly just a child with no money at all.

Even the money that I had given her to buy the tools was little more than a child’s allowance.

It was not enough for money lenders to take on the risk of having broken the law.

It was all very strange.


I looked around us. It was a back alley, and so there were not many people here.

However, just to be careful, I relocated the thugs to an abandoned shed.


“I’m going to ask them a few questions before handing them over.”

“How will you do it?”

“Like this.”


I used the Illusion spell that I had learned from Luchila.

These thugs were very low in magic ability, so they were very susceptible.


The illusion I showed them, was of five very strong-looking men.

I used Goran as a model for their build. Because Goran looked strongest out anyone I knew.

As for the faces, I based them off the most evil-looking face I had ever seen.

It was a little difficult to make each person look unique, but I did my best.


As soon as the thugs awakened, I began to threaten them.


“Hey, you bastards! It seems like you’ve been interfering on our turf.”



Being surrounded by a group of such frightening men was enough to make the thugs squirm.


“How are you going to make it up to us? Eh?”

“These must be the guys who have been going around like they own the place.”

“They must be. We should cut their fingers off and send it to their base.”

“Ah, that is a great idea. It would be a good warning.”


This was to make the thugs think that we were from an opposing faction.


“No-no. Listen to us.”


“We are working for Kabino, who lends money in the third district.”


They explained desperately. Thankfully, that was just the information that I wanted.

However, I continued to trick them.


“You must be lying to me! Why would Kabino’s underlings be wandering this area!”

“These guys must think very little of us.”

“We should cut off one of their arms to make their position a little more clear.”

“That’s certainly an idea.”


The worst of the illusions pulled out a short sword.

The thugs were sweating profusely now.



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. Don’t bother with those kinda threats- go with the kind of threats that certain widespread adventure party from Shinka no me would give 😈

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