10 Years After – 54



After walking for some time, we arrived at the store that sold the building materials.

It was a shop for people in the construction industry, and it seemed like it might not sell to private customers.

However, Serulis marched boldly inside.


“May I have a word with you?”

“Yes, what is it?”


They must have seen how well dressed Serulis was and judged her to be a noble or the daughter of a great merchant.

And so she was received with politeness.


I said to Grulf,

“Grulf. Wait right here.”


“Milka, you watch over Grulf.”

“Leave it to me!”


And so I walked into the store while still holding Gerbera, and Luchila followed me.

Serulis was negotiating with the clerk.


“I wish to repair the walls of my house. Can you sell me the materials?”

“I see. And how much will you need?”

“How much indeed…?”


Serulis looked over to me.


“Thirty of this size should be enough.”

“What he said!”

“And what materials do you desire?”



And so I chose materials that were the same as the sewer walls and some other materials for the inner passage.

It would be best to have two layers of protection.


We were able to place the order without much issue.

The payment also went smoothly. It was about 700,000 rucks. Quite expensive.

I’ll have Eric reimburse me later.


“And where shall these materials be delivered?”

“I will take them with me.”

“All of it?”

“I have a magic bag.”


So saying, I tossed all of the stone materials into my bag.

The magic bag that Eric had given me was of the best quality.

It had the capacity of a large warehouse. On top of that, the weight of it did not change at all.

Even more, it kept the contents in the exact same condition.

It would probably be very expensive to buy. 10 million rucks. No, probably even more.

I think I would have to thank Eric again for it.


And so we finished our shopping here and left the store.

Outside of the store, Milka was riding on Grulf’s back.


“Grulf, easy, easy now.”



Grulf was growling.

He was probably really angry that Milka, who he considered an inferior, was on his back.

Perhaps Milka and Grulf were just a very bad match.

I might have to think of a way of handling this later.


“Milka. Please spare him that.”



And then we headed for the blacksmith.

I wanted to buy some metal to make a door for Eric’s room.


“I’m going to go and buy the cleaning tools!”

“Ah, are you alright going on alone?”

“Of course, I am!”

And so I gave her enough money to buy the necessary tools.


And then we arrived at the smithy.

I wasn’t able to find any appropriate chunk of metal, but instead, I was able to find a large shield.

The rectangular shield was huge enough to hide two people behind it. It was probably used to protect important people.

So it was perfect to use as a door.


“You have a good eye to choose this shield! It is made of mithril and was created by a veteran blacksmith!”


“And I shall give you a discount as well! An unbelievable 3 million rucks.”


“Isn’t it?”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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