10 Years After – 184

Attacking The Main Base 2


Serulis’s jaw dropped.


“Wh-what just happened?”

“Attacks with mass cannot be stopped by raising magic defenses. Because it is physical.”


The meteors were just heated boulders. They fell and dealt physical damage.

Barriers that were focused on magic defense could then be easily destroyed.


“Th-that may be true, but…”

“Ruck. Serulis doesn’t even understand why you were able to summon twelve meteors at once.”


Goran said with a laugh.

Serulis was good with a sword, but she was still a newcomer as an Adventurer. She wasn’t used to seeing magic.


“I see. Well, you’ll get used to the idea.”



Serulis looked like she couldn’t believe it.


“Maybe I should make it a little easier to get in.”

“Thank you, Ruck.”


I nodded back and then slammed the dust-filled area with Explosion.

It was the strongest one that I could manage.

It converted high-density magic energy into heat in an instant. And the caused it to expand suddenly.




The shock waves were even stronger than the ones caused by the meteors.

The trees that had been torn from their roots now went up in flames.

Even the trees that did not burn were cut down by the shock waves.

Up in the sky, Dorgo swayed a little.


“Now. Let’s charge on in. I bet all but the Arch Vampires are dead.”



Goran immediately held Serulis’s arm. I held Grulf and Shia.

Dorgo was diving. If we weren’t careful, we could be thrown off.



Shia shrieked quietly. Even she had to hold her tail between her legs.


Grulf howled and shook.


When we were close to the ground, we could see the damage that the meteors and Explosion had done.


There were broken magic machines. About seventy of them.

And corpses of evil dragons as well.

I didn’t see any dead vampires. I wanted to think it was because they burned up, but you couldn’t be too careful.

And then we found an entrance that seemed to lead underground.


Eric called out in a loud voice.

“They are inside. Keep your guard up!”



Dorgo stopped just above the ground. And we all quickly jumped off of his back. Nothing else around us moved.


And so we headed towards the entrance. It was locked, but I was able to open it with magic.

At the same time, I fired off a succession of Fireballs for good measure.

After the third one hit, a vampire came running out.

He was covered in flames but his flesh was not burning.


Eric quickly slashed at him, but the vampire dodged the attack.

Goran stepped in and attacked as well, but this too was dodged.

At the same time, the vampire launched a Fireball of his own. It was incredibly quick and very powerful.


I created a magic barrier in the nick of time and shouted.


“It’s no ordinary High Lord! Be careful!”

“We know!”


Eric and Goran continued to attack the vampire with their swords.

Shockingly, the vampire seemed to be on even footing while fighting them both.


Just as I was about to support them with magic, other vampires started to crawl out from all around us.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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