10 Years After – 132

Taking Back Kathe’s House


I jumped off of Kathe’s back and immediately started to run towards the entrance of the palace.




In spite of still being a good distance away, the machines were already reacting to me.

They had very high detection abilities.


“…Now I just need to know what their attacks and defense ability are like.”


I muttered to myself as I ran.


I had seen three of them from above.

They had been flashing a green light at first, but now those lights had turned red.

The color probably meant they had been alerted.




Their beeping grew louder.



The attacks came at a speed too fast for my eyes to follow.

It was likely the attack of small metal ammunition that Kathe had talked about.


I quickly jumped to the side.

Just then, something rushed passed me.


And so I ran in a zigzag as I made my way to the entrance.

I was able to dodge ninety percent of them, but the rest caught me.


I had no choice but to use a magic barrier to stop them.

I looked at the metal clumps that were stopped. They were the size of the tip of my finger.

There was no magic in them.


“Even ordinary metal is scary when it travels at this speed.”


And so I decided that the combat ability for the machines was rather high.

It would be one thing to fight them outside, but Eric and Goran would not be able to avoid getting hit if they were indoors.

I should probably use some magic protection once they came down.


Just as I was about to rush through the entrance, more magic machines flooded out from the building.


“I guess this makes things a little easier for me…”


I muttered as I shot a Magic Bullet into the first machine.




A large dent appeared on it. But it did not stop.


“You really are tough.”


I tried shooting a second bullet at the same spot. This time it went silent.

“So it takes two bullets of this power…”

I would have to use a much stronger magic bullet in order to one-shot them.


“It seems like there are still more inside.”

Ten machines had come out. But Kathe had seen thirty.

So there should be nearly twenty left.

And I did not want to fight them inside of the building.


“…I’ll lure them out with an attack.”


Kathe had used her fire breath.

That suggested that the things she kept in the ruins were probably strong to fire.

And even if it didn’t hurt the machines, it would be effective on the goblins and vampires.


“Eat this!”


I purposely raised my voice to try and get their attention.

Then I launched my strongest fireball over the heads of the machines and straight into Kathe’s palace.




Flames burst from the windows of the building.


“Hm? Did I go too far?”

“What are you doing!!”


Kathe’s protest boomed from the sky.

It should be alright since the place is strong to fire.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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