10 Years After – 132


I dodged the attacks of the machines and waited.

Still, no more machines left the building.


“…Had Kathe been exaggerating again?”


There was a possibility that it had not taken as many of them to force her to retreat.

That would mean that the ten machines outside were all of them.


“Kathe. There aren’t many here, but use your wind breath…”

It was just as I started to ask her.




Magic machines suddenly appeared on the roof of the palace.

Not only that, but they were coming from the back of the building and from behind me as well.


Before I knew it, they had completely surrounded me.

Apparently, there had been many of them outside of the palace as well.


“How many?”


I couldn’t count them all, but it seemed to be close to fifty.


“Here I go!”

“Kathe, wait!”



I should have them gather together more densely.


And so I started taking them down with magic bullets.

I had to use a lot of power to one-shot them.


I also wanted to see what kind of damage my sword would do.

And so I slashed at them with the Devil King Sword.


“They’re hard, but not unbreakable.”

And so I took down three with bullets and three with the sword. By now, the rest of them were swarming tightly around me.


“Kathe, now! Aim it directly at me!”





It was more like a wall of air than a violent wind. Like a giant hammer.

I cast a magic barrier that shut off the effects of any other magic. And then I stood my ground.


The giant clumps of metal that were the machines were lifted into the air.

A tornado had erupted and was sucking them in. They crashed loudly into each other.


Kathe’s breath caused more than a tornado.

Blades of wind that were strong with magic cut through whatever was inside.


The four limbs of the machines were torn off and their hard shells were shredded.

They smashed into each other all the while.

Even a strong machine could not survive that.


“This is incredible.”


I couldn’t help but whisper.

Kathe really was a powerful dragon.


When her breath subsided, Kathe descended to the ground.

At the same time, the scraps of machine fell down from the sky with a loud crash.


“Kathe, that was amazing.”

“You too, Locke… You came out completely unharmed.”


As we laughed about this, Eric and Goran jumped off of Kathe’s back.


“I guess we weren’t needed…”

“Well, that’s not exactly a bad thing…”


Eric and Goran muttered.

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