Realist Demon King – 37

The Three Greats of this World


And like that, it was decided that we would advance to Eligos’s lands.

The commanders of my army gathered for a war council.

That being said, as my army was still weak, we did not have many commanders.


There was Hijikata Toshizou, the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi.

Then there was Saint Jeanne d’Arc, the hero of the hundred years war.

And Gottlieb, the chief of the dwarves.


Just these three.

However, they were all people of quality.

Toshizou was a fierce fighter.

And Saint Jeanne was a hero.


As Gottlieb was a ghost, he would not be able to fight anymore, but his wisdom would be useful to us.


I thought about this as Eve served tea, ale and sake for everyone. Everyone had a different expression on their face as they drank, but it was Toshizou who opened his mouth first.


“I will not go against any decision that you have made, but how do we know that Deprosia won’t betray us?”


“We do not know. However, we will never have another chance to destroy Eligos.”


“That is true.”


“He attacked the dwarf settlement and went away with a great supply of materials. He has likely strengthened his army since then. We cannot be sure that he will not mark us as his next target.”


“I would think that targeting us would be obvious the thing to do?”


Jeanne declared flatly.


“Demon King, you did kill his underlings at the dwarf settlement. He should very much desire a war of vengeance.”


“Of course.”


“Then you should attack before he attacks you. This castle’s defenses are too weak.”


“Exactly. And I intended on destroying Eligos eventually. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be now. We will have help, after all.”


“You are our leader and it is your decision. I will follow. So, what is your plan?”


“I will take the center, Jeanne the left and you the right as we go up north.”


“And I?”


Gottleib asked.


“You will stay here. I will not take a ghost to the battlefield.”


“You’d be done for with just one spell for driving away bad spirits.”


Toshizou said with a laugh.

I rebuked him and then turned to Gottlieb.


“Besides, I will need someone to govern the city. Someone close who I can trust.”


“I am almost uncomfortable to receive such praise.”


“But if the enemy does attack here, you will have to deal with it. Take the dwarves out and fight.”


“I understand.”


“Also, I will tell you a strategy to follow, should that happen.”


“Just me?”


“Yes, it must be secret.”


And so I whispered into the dwarf chief’s ear.

Jeanne tried to listen in, and so I created a magic barrier to block the sound.

Jeanne clicked her tongue and frowned.


I could have told them, since they were my commanders, but there was a possibility that they could be captured and that the information would leak. I had to be careful about these kinds of things.


But then again, I didn’t think there were many soldiers capable of capturing such people either.


In any case, Gottlieb squinted and then looked surprised as he listened. Then he muttered to me.


“…You are quite the strategist, my King. It is as if you know everything about this world.”


He said with wonder.


Though Jeanne heard none of it, she replied innocently,

“Yes, the Demon King is very great.”


Of course, it was not the case. I had just thought of all the possibilities and prepared accordingly. But I guess that was somehow impressive in the eyes of others.


realist demon king

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