Realist Demon King – 37


And with that taken care of, I announced the departure of our army.


“When will it be?”


“According to our agreement, it will be after Deprosia invades Eligos’s lands.”


“And when is that?”


Toshizou asked.


“I had a report from the spy slimes I sent. Preparations seem to be complete. They should have advanced by the day after tomorrow at the least.”


“Then the soldiers can rest until then.”


“Yes, you drive them hard, demon general. They are probably very tired.”


“I won’t deny it. Will you lift the ban on drinking until departure?”


“Very well. And those with families may return to their houses.”


“That’s very kind of you.”


“They won’t be able to return for a while once the fighting starts.”


“Yes, they won’t…”


Toshizou said ominously as he stroked his stubble.


He was clearly thinking of those that would not be returning at all. But he did not voice it.


Then he said he would go to the brothel, and so headed to the red-light district.


Eve was busy with documents related to administration while also taking care of me, which meant she was constantly on the move. I would have to allow her to rest some time.


As the one who would stay, Gottlieb was now talking with the other dwarves.

It looked like he was giving out orders so the construction necessary for my plan could begin.

It was a great thing that I was able to get him to work for me.


There is a region called China in that other world. 

And in it a country known as Han, created the largest empire in the world’s history.

Its founder was a sullen old man named Liu Bang.

He did not have any of the abilities of his rival, Xiang Yu, and was useless as a general.

It was said that his army would surely lose with him at the head.

And yet he had ultimately defeated such a strong general as Xiang Yu, and built his empire.

This was because Liu Bang understood his lack of gifts and gave his subordinates free reign.


In terms of battle, there was the unbeatable Han Xin.


For strategy, there was Zhang Liang, who even caught the attention of Cao Cao.


For governing and supplies, he gave much power to a man called Xiao He.


After he became Emperor Gaozu of Han, he was asked which of his servants was the most worthy. After mentioning those three names, he was asked which of them was the most important, and he said Xiao He.


It was not Han Xin who had fought and subjugated the countries, or Zhang Liang whose strategies helped him to unite the kingdoms. It was Xiao He, who stayed in the castle and sent food to the troops.


This showed how important supplies and governing were. He was a king worthy of conquering all because he knew the worth of men like Xiao He.


I had no idea if I would ever become the Great Demon King, but I would like to have my own Xiao He.

No, perhaps I already did.

To me, Eve and Gottlieb were my Xiao He.


They would stay behind and protect the castle while sending supplies to the front lines. That allowed me and the commanders to fight without worrying.


And I had two unbeatable generals of my own.

I just needed a Zhang Liang now, but I could fill that role myself.

As a realist, I did like to think about crafty little plans.


In any case, I did not think I could compare to someone like Zhang Liang, but my subordinates more than made up for it. Even if I didn’t reach the same heights, I did think that I would be able to make a name for myself in this world, in my own way.

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