Jack of all Trades – 158

Farewell, Nicora


As I stared at the sky with my unmoving body, Daniela suddenly entered my vision.


“What are you doing?”

“I can’t move.”

“Damn it…”


Daniela sighed and then disappeared. Then I suddenly felt very light. Daniela reappeared in my vision. Her face was now very close.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi.”

“I’m sure it’s not the case…but you wouldn’t happen to be carrying me, would you?”

“Indeed I am. Just like you carried me earlier.”



A man being carried like a princess by a woman. Asagi Kamiyashiro did not mind falling. That was how much he wished to struggle and break free. However, it seemed his body was not one with his mind. In fact, his body seemed to like it. It wouldn’t listen to him at all.


I suddenly felt that people were gathering towards us. Are you kidding me? What now?


“Wh-what happened…? Hah…Boss…!?”


They must be bandits. And there were easily at least one hundred of them. Until now, they had avoided this place and searched for Daniela and me in areas that were safe.


“You killed…the Boss…!”

“I’ll crush you!!”


They began to shout at us. But Daniela held me so that I faced the other direction, so I could not see them. But when I looked at her, she had a devilish grin on her face.


“I did kill Eve. If you wish to get your revenge, come forth. I will send you to meet your master.”



Daniela was so imposing now that the bandits found that they could not move. I could sense that some of the men towards the back were running away. In any case, I wished she would drop me. Being carried like this in front of such an audience was unbearable.


“By the way, here is the man who slew the dragon. You can come at him as a horde, and you will still be no match for him.”

“Liar! Some coward who has to be carried like a princess wouldn’t stand a chance!”


It wasn’t a lie, and did they have to call me a princess?


“Well, it is no business of mine whether you believe it or not. But he has taken off the head of a wind dragon. You should face reality. Here is a man who can kill dragons!”


Even more of them fled as she unleashed these powerful words. It was wonderful that the bandits knew they had no chance and were fleeing. That meant the town would be cleaner. Still, I wish there had not been so many witnesses to my shame.


“Now, for those of you who still wish to fight, unsheath your swords!!”

“Damn, damn it…!”


A wind started to blow along with Daniela’s voice. It picked up the dust from the area and it increased in power. The display was enough to make the bandits cower. Of course, she did this for that very reason.

And it was very effective too. They all knew for certain now that there was no hope of winning, and they ran, without a single man remaining.


Once they were out of range of Presence Detection, Daniela sighed with relief.


“We should be going then…but first…”



Daniela started do something behind my back. I think she had opened my backpack.


“We must take this wind dragon with us.”

“What? You can do that?’

“Hm? Why not?”


In my head I had just assumed that any monster summoned by magic would eventually return to its world whether dead or alive. 

The idea of a ‘summon beast’ had taken over my mind.


“It is magic that summons monsters. It is not a monster created by magic, so it should be fine…I think.”

“Oh, so you’re not even sure.”

“I have never witnessed such magic before. But theoretically, it should be alright.”


I see. Well, if you say so. If it disappears later then, well, that would just be too bad.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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