Tensei Kenja – 32

I Didn’t Feel Like Running Away


“…Report! The monsters are moving!”


As soon as I heard it from the monsters, I relayed the information with a loud voice.

The manager heard me and came flying out from the back.


“How many and to which towns!?”


“Of the monsters I was able to monitor, they are all coming to this town! As for the number… There are at least 10,000.”


“…You can’t be serious?”


He said as he looked at me.

But it seemed less like he suspected me of lying, and more that he didn’t want to believe it.


And then—a guild worker came running in.


“It’s terrible! Blue and yellow signal fires have gone up! In three different places!”


“…A blue signal fire?”


Signal fires…those things where you use smoke to contact others?


I hadn’t heard anything about them…but I suppose there was some meaning behind the colors.

The manager answered my question.


“The signal fires are a means to communicate to others when monsters start to move. The colors indicate things like direction and numbers.”


I see. So that’s what they meant.

They probably hadn’t told me because I had no need for them when I had slimes.


“So…what does it mean if it is blue and yellow?”


“It is basically the same as what you said. The monsters are headed for this village, and there are at least 9000 of them. …And since it’s from three directions, it will be impossible to have the residents evacuate.”


So saying, the manager left the guild.

Outside, Adventurers who had answered the call were now gathered.


He turned to them and raised his voice.


“To all you Adventurers.”


The Adventurers watched him with nervous expressions.

He was going to announce the plan to them now.


According to him, it was not possible to evacuate the people when there were nearly 10,000 monsters.

Still, maybe he had some other way.


That was what I was thinking…but his plan turned out to be very different than what I expected.


“Currently, there are over 10,000 monsters headed for this town! We cannot defend the town against them! And so you should all run! On your feet, you will have a chance of escaping!”


He wanted to abandon the town and run.

He thought it would be better for a few dozen to survive than for everyone to die here.


In terms of minimizing the number of deaths, it did make sense.

Perhaps he was able to make this decision quickly because he was that good of a manager.


But…none of the Adventurers tried to escape.


“Hurry up and move! All of you should know this more than anyone! We cannot fight against 10,000 monsters! The best way to resist them is for as many people to survive as possible!”


He said, but they still would not move.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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