Tensei Kenja – 32


“You’re out of your mind. We can’t abandon the town and run!”


“I didn’t become an Adventurer just so I could leave these people to their deaths!”


“Yes! Even if the odds are bad, tell us how we might save the town, not our own skins!”


Such words were directed towards the manager.

The Adventurers had no intention of leaving.


In such a situation, I could hardly run away either.


Indeed, it would be difficult to kill 10,000 monsters with Hellfire of Death… But it was better than standing around and doing nothing.

Maybe I would be able to raise my success rate if I used Magic Creation.

I wondered this as I looked at the other Adventurers.


“If there was even a small chance of being able to save the town, I would do the same! But there isn’t! Even if we had five times as many men…”


The manager was still trying to persuade them.

I raised my voice and interrupted him.


“I have an idea!”

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  1. In my opinion, this chapter is really lacking in tension. The author failed to convey the adventurers feeling of wanting to stay

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