Tensei Kenja – 33

The Battle Begins


“…Idea? Do you mean there is a chance that the town can be saved?”


“Yeah. …Well, we won’t actually know if it’ll work until we try.”


“…What kind of plan is this?”


“I’m going to use this.”


I said. Then I had the slime(it was quite small, as most of the slimes were out on monitoring duty) that was on my shoulder take out the dragon skull.

It was the skull from a monster I killed shortly after my arrival here. I had had the slimes save it for me.


As always, it was a mystery to me how their storage function worked…but as it was possible, it would be a waste not make use of it.

The impact of this display would help me convince them.


“That…is that from a dragon?”


“Yeah. There are very interesting spells that Tamers can use. Though, there are requirements…but to put it simply, I can use this skull to recreate the breath of a dragon just once.”


Of course, there was no such Tamer Skill.


I was really just going to use Hellfire of Death and a new spell that I would create.

However…this seemed a little more believable than just saying, ‘I’m going to burn the monsters with my own magic.’


After all, Tamers weren’t even supposed to be able to use magic.

And so it was necessary to use a little invention to make my claim a little more believable.


“Well, a dragon’s breath may be enough to burn 10,000 monsters… Manager, is what Yuji says true?”


“…I don’t know. But it is true that Yuji’s abilities as a Tamer are far different than what we’d expect. After all, while they are mostly slimes, Yuji has…tamed over 100 monsters.”




“Yes. …And surely you could tell that he was no ordinary Tamer the moment he took such a large skull out of that slime?”


The manager said as he pointed at the skull.

Most of the Adventurers were quite convinced by now.


“…Alright. So, what should I do?”


The first Adventurer to speak was Gale.

When I had first come to this world, I had helped him by using my slimes.


“Gale. You’re going to trust Yuji?”


“Aye. I have seen slimes that can spit out fire. And if slimes can spit fire, why not a dead dragon? …Besides, we have no alternative. So we should take this chance.”
Gale said as he pointed to my dragon skull.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Ok, had you had no escape route then you can use the line ‘We have no alternative.’ However, you had a chance to escape, albeit one where your friends and family that were in town would died a horrible death, but you still had the chance to escape.

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