Tensei Kenja – 33


“So, what do we have to do then? Considering how much time has passed since the signal went up, the monsters could be here as soon as 10 minutes.”


…Indeed. There was no time left.

We could not waste time trying to persuade everyone. We would just have to act with the Adventurers who were currently willing to help.


‘Proud Wolf. How long will it take for you to arrive?’


‘F-fifteen minutes! …Are we really not going to get caught?’


‘There are monsters everywhere!’


‘Ahhhhh! We’re going to be stepped on!’


The Proud Wolf was currently carrying the slimes.

As I had remotely cast concealing magic on the Proud Wolf and the slimes, they should remain hidden…though, it would still take them some time to arrive.


‘Don’t worry, you won’t get caught. But do hurry.’


As soon as the slimes arrived, I would be able to create a barrier around the town and annihilate the monsters.

In other words, what I needed now was time—and to be able to create the right magic for the job.


“Just give me fifteen more minutes! I will prepare the magic in the meantime!”




Most of the Adventurers that were there replied. And then they went running out of the town’s gates.


“We will prepare the medicine!”


“Yes! Don’t worry about using too much! Thanks to Yuji, we were able to make more than we could ever use!”


The manager ordered, and so the guild workers brought out a great quantity of recovery medicine to the town’s gates.

Apparently, all those Dria Flowers I had gathered were being put to good use.


A few minutes later, I was able to hear the sounds of fighting from all over the town.

The battle had finally begun.


And now I had to create some powerful magic before the slimes arrived.

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