Tensei Kenja – 34

Magic Modification Was Difficult


“…Magic Creation.”


There were two things I wanted from the magic that I would create.

The first was that it could destroy all of the monsters surrounding the town.

The second was that I would be able to protect the town from such immense power.


—It was easier said than done.

However, there was no time to waste. And I would just have to take a chance on the methods I had thought of on the spot.


Considering the amount of MP depletion, it would not do to raise the effect of Hellfire of Death any further.

And so I would have to kill as many monsters as possible with limited power.

So one way would be to tighten the area of effect.


‘Hey, are they any monsters among our enemies that can fly?’


I asked the slimes.

They replied immediately.


‘There aren’t!’


So none of them could fly.

In that case, it would definitely be more efficient to limit the area of effect to the ground.

Perhaps I could do that by using a barrier as a ceiling.


…And then I thought of a good idea.

Up until now, the barriers I had made were used to absorb magic.

But if I made barriers that reflected magic, it would reduce damage to the barrier while also allowing the magic force to be concentrated efficiently.


Currently, I had no magic that would allow me to do this, so I would have to create it… But, thankfully, I had the necessary ingredients with me.

‘Anti-magic Barrier,’ and ‘Magic Transfer.’


As a test, I took some of the code from ‘Magic Transfer’ and used it to replace a similar line of code in ‘Anti-magic Barrier.’

And named it…


‘Magic Reflect Barrier.’


I called out the name, and then the barrier appeared in front of me.

It looked exactly like ‘Anti-magic Barrier’…perhaps I should test it first.




I tried unleashing a fireball on it.

And then the Fireball rushed towards the barrier—and disappeared just before making contact.




‘Something just came flying here!’


‘Yuji! Did you transfer magic?’


A second later, I heard the slimes start to shout in surprise.

It seemed that my magic had not been reflected, but transferred to where the slimes were.


It was probably set so that the magic would be transferred towards them.


‘Ah. I’m conducting some experiments. So it might happen again.’


I said. Then I started erasing and adding lines of code to see if I couldn’t change the location.

However, the coding of the magic was not so simple, and I couldn’t get it to work.


However…after thinking about it, it wasn’t actually such a bad thing.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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