Tensei Kenja – 34


There was no need to force it to reflect.

As long as the magic that tried to leave the barrier was sent back in, then it was fine.

If I stationed the slimes just outside the barrier, then the magic would be transferred close to them, and my goal would be reached.


The problem was knowing which slime it would come from…


‘Hey, the magic that went flying just now. Which slime did it go to?’




‘You’re going to have to be a little more specific.’


I didn’t even have a way of telling the slimes apart.

Did such a method even exist?


‘Uh…I’m on the Proud Wolf now!’


‘Alight! Thanks for telling me.’


Apparently, it was set so the magic would be transferred to a single slime that was looking in this direction.

In other words, once I was able to make the barrier after the slimes arrived, I just needed to have the slime stay there.


I could also have that one slime wear the dragon skull.


“Things are bad at the west gate! Send reinforcements!”


I heard a guild worker shout as he came running.


‘…Proud Wolf. How much longer?’


‘Uh…8 more minutes!’


‘Alright. I’m going to go and help them buy more time.’


I said as I started running to the west gate.

We only needed a little more time, but there were so many enemies.


Still, it was just 8 minutes. We would bear it, no matter what.

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