Tensei Kenja – 35

I Offered Support With The Slimes


“…This is bad.”


Just as the guild worker had said, the situation at the west gate was desperate.

Behind the gate, many Adventurers were being treated for wounds while the fighting could be heard on the other side.

We were at a disadvantage, to begin with, if we lost even more Adventurers to injuries, we wouldn’t be able to hold them back anymore.


–But this was no time to shrink back.

And so I rushed forward to help them.


‘…Slimes. Get up on that wall!’




‘We just need to watch?’


‘Yeah. Stay up there! I will transfer the magic.’


First, I threw the slimes up on a nearby wall.

Like this, we would be able to watch over the battlefield.


Thanks to the slimes, I was able to attack a wide range of areas, and so I decided to look for places that needed my help the most instead of focusing on a single area.


And like that, I used ‘Shared Senses’ to scope out the battlefield and transfer magic where it was needed.

It was the most effective way of offering support.


“Magic Transfer—Fireball!”


Once I saw that all of the slimes were on the wall, I used Magic Transfer to fire off a round of Fireballs at a group of monsters that were about to attack some nearby Adventurers.

As intended, they turned into a dark crisp with one hit.


“We’re saved! …are those Yuji’s slimes?”


The Adventurers turned around…their eyes widened as they saw the slimes.

In the meantime, there were other Adventurers that were in trouble. And so I used the slimes to transfer magic again.


“The slimes really are using fire… Yuji’s slimes were able to do that!?”


“Maybe that’s what Gale meant by slimes who could spit out fire…”


And I was nearly exposed as the person who helped Gale.

Well, it’s not like I did anything wrong, so it wasn’t a problem.


“Woah! Those slimes are strong!”


“And they seem to help us whenever we’re in trouble!”


“Now! Let’s go for a counterstrike!”


Once the slimes had gotten them out of a dangerous situation, the Adventurers were able to return to focusing on attacking.

And while we weren’t able to drive the monsters back, we were able to stop them from advancing any closer.


In the meantime…


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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