Tensei Kenja – 93

Assassination Target



List of Assassination Targets – Priority Level: S(Highest priority, kill on sight)


Darius Aegis

Grisc Seyroon(killed)


*For outside use. Dispose of when no longer needed.



It was an assassination list.

Assassins of the Blue Moon of Salvation probably took this list with them when they left the base.

That meant that this information could be discovered if the assassin was ever captured…as these documents were not made to disappear. They must have been very confident in their ability to carry out these assassinations then.


If I knew anyone on the list, I would send out my slimes and have them protected…but I didn’t recognize the names on the list.

As they had family names, they were likely nobles.


I thought about this as I looked through the rest of the documents.

There might still be more that weren’t erased yet.


And then…I found something on the very bottom.

It was another assassination list.


Well, the first one was an ‘assassination target list,’ while this one was ‘candidates for assassination.’ 

That seemed to suggest a lower priority.

Perhaps it was because of this, that there were many more names.




Assassination Candidate List(Important. Kill if determined dangerous)


Guild Worker: York

Guild Worker: Emanuel

Former Guild Worker: Eres

Adventurer: Blague

Adventurer: Rimer

Adventurer: Gizera

Adventurer: Gunther

Adventurer: Franz

Adventurer: Radolph

Adventurer: Yokel




The list went on for 10 pages and had hundreds of names on them.

It seemed like names were being added to it over time. The ones on the bottom looked like they were quite recent.


Still, I didn’t recognize any of them.

There were many Adventurers in the world. And this was merely a list of hundreds of them. So it was no wonder I didn’t know any of them.


And so I put the list away.

I might as well go and get more firewood, I thought.



“…There are no quests for firewood.”


Minutes after leaving the inn.

I was looking at the quest board.


“Ah, Yuji. Thanks to you, we have enough firewood now. …And it seems like the winter has finally ended.”


Mister Udoka said as he pointed outside.

Now that I think of it, it had gotten warmer.

The snow was also starting to melt.


Apparently, we were already seeing the effects of removing the cursed stones.

In that case…


“Do you have too much now?”


“No, as all our stock had been used to keep houses warm, there is still a demand in town for firewood. Especially since the firewood you sold us is good for cooking. …See.”


Mister Udoka said as he pointed to the spot outside where the firewood was kept.

There, the people of Rikardo paid the guild and received firewood.


So it was still selling. That was good.

I would feel pretty bad if they couldn’t sell all of the firewood they had bought from me at a high price.


Of course, there was no need to feel bad, since I was just doing a job they asked me to do.


“Then I guess I’ll look for something else.”


I said as I looked back at the quest board.

Then Mister Udoka said to me,


“Since it’s getting warmer, the townspeople have been talking about having a party. Will you join us in the celebration?”


“But I’m not a resident. Are you sure it’s all right?”


They were going to have a celebration party.

Still, it seemed like the kind of thing you would want to do with your actual neighbors.


I was an outsider, so they might not want me there.


“Of course, it is! If anyone says otherwise, I will run them out of the building.”


“And I’ll help you!”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Wow, they have a thing against adventurers, it seems. Or they want to take over the guild, so they target the possible opposition.

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