Tensei Kenja – 70

The Restaraunt Also Lacked Firewood


There was no doubt now that I had come to this town at the worst possible time.

However, as the situation was not related to monsters, I didn’t feel the need to leave as soon as possible.

If anything, if the requests were all as safe as gathering wood, then it suited me just fine.


After all, the job of gathering wood and storing it was very easy with the slimes.

There couldn’t be a job more easy for me.


…That being said, I hadn’t decided to stay either.

I couldn’t decide until I had eaten.


I thought about this as I searched for the restaurant.

The place that Tina had recommended was called ‘Tiger Fire.’

It was supposed to be close to the guild… That being said, there was an easier way to find it.


‘Can just one of you split from the others?’


‘Just one…you mean to fly?’






And with that, one smaller slime split from the large slime that was on my shoulder.

The united blob was too large to throw, and so a smaller single slime was the perfect size.


‘Okay. I need you to scout out the place!’


I said as I threw the slime. At the same time, I activated ‘Shared Senses.’

And then I saw a sign that read, ‘Tiger Fire’ near the guild.


‘Thank you.’


I said as I caught the slime.

And so we headed towards it…


“I’m sorry, but we are no longer taking any orders today.”


What awaited me when I arrived, was this cruelest of declarations.


…But then again, it was quite late.

The taverns would be open, but a normal eatery would probably close around this time.


I had come a little too late.

As I had no choice, I would just have to stay the night in Rikardo.


“Alright. I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“I’m terribly sorry, but I doubt we will be open tomorrow… In fact, we were supposed to be open until midnight today, but all of the firewood went to the stoves. And now we do not have enough to cook with.”


…Apparently, the reason for closing was a lack of firewood.

As it was normally a warm place, the sudden cold had forced them to use the firewood that was used for cooking.

You wouldn’t die without a delicious meal. But the cold was something else.


However, I wanted to eat some delicious food.

It was half of the reason that I even came to this town.


“So, you just need some firewood?”


“We could open if we had some… But this town no longer has any firewood that could be used for cooking. If we used new wood that hadn’t been dried out yet, it would be like smoking it, not cooking.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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