Tensei Kenja – 74

There Were A Lot Of Quests



A little time later.

I had now left the Tiger Fire and had arrived at the Adventurers Guild.

The sky was already starting to darken, and so I wanted to offer some firewood to the town while I could.


“…All the quests are for firewood.”


I realized this as I looked at the quest board.

The prices went up the newer the requests. Firewood was becoming very expensive.


The newest one was offering 30 cicols per kilogram.

Perhaps that was cheap compared to what the Tiger Fire offered. But you could still make quite a lot if you cut down a whole lot of trees.


I thought about this as I grabbed the newest one and went over to the counter.

I was sure I could collect this much firewood. And if there were some left, I could accept another quest and then turn it in immediately.


“I would like to accept this quest.”


“Thank you. …Is this your first time accepting a quest for firewood?”


The woman asked as she looked at the sheet.

…If she meant as an official quest, it was my first time.


“Yeah. It’s my first.”


“Then you must go and see Mister Udoka first. Firewood that is brought to the guild must be of a size and shape that meet our standards. So you will take a brief course in advance.”


They had courses for this?

Well, I suppose it was possible that a newcomer might accidentally bring back something entirely different by accident.

So maybe it was completely reasonable to have a course.


“And where is this person?”


“Go out through the east gate of the town. Udoka should be making firewood there. Just say that the guild sent you and he will teach you how to chop wood.”


“Got it.”


And with that, I left the guild.

…My method involved using slimes, which seemed like it would be difficult to explain…

Well, I wanted to think that I’d be able to do it well enough to pass the course.


I wondered about this as I went out of Rikardo’s east gate.

I then saw that there was a man who was about to cut a tree with an axe.


He had an armband that read, ‘Adventurer’s Guild – Special Woodcutting Instructor.’

He had likely been appointed this position because of the current emergency.

This was without a doubt, Mister Udoka.


“I came to be instructed in wood chopping. Am I in the right place?”


“Yeah. We’re always glad to have some extra hands here. There is just never enough firewood.”


“You seem to be having a terrible shortage.”


“Well, usually such a situation would have been unimaginable. But now we have to ask the neighboring towns for help. And it’s still not enough.”


…Yes, it would be hard to gather enough firewood even with the help of the neighbors.

Firewood was heavy, so it would be difficult to carry it this far. Besides, the other towns wouldn’t even have that much firewood, to begin with.


The land around here was warm enough that they didn’t use firewood to heat their stoves.

It was mostly just used for cooking.


“I guess the other towns don’t have much of it stored either.”


“Exactly. The village of Meshias has a lot of firewood. But now they are charging outrageous prices for it.”


That wasn’t surprising. Once they knew there were shortages, they would try to profit off of it.

It wasn’t very nice, but that was business.


“Do they use a lot of firewood in Meshias?”


If they had a lot of firewood, then they must be using it for something.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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