Tensei Kenja – 74


Perhaps they had a good route to acquiring more firewood.

I could use that route to get more firewood.


Or so I thought…But Mister Udoka shook his head to the side.


“We have no idea what they are doing in the town of Meshias. I tried talking to the residents, but they wouldn’t tell me anything. …It’s a strange village. We shouldn’t have even bothered trying to buy from them. It’s said that they are a village of about 30 people… But I don’t know if that’s actually true.”


A mysterious village…

It didn’t seem very helpful.


“And so we have no choice but to solve this problem by ourselves… Have you ever chopped firewood?”


Udoka said as he stopped cutting.

The trunk had been cut a third of the way.


“I have a little experience.”


I said as I showed him the axe that I summoned.

Mister Udoka looked at it with an odd expression.


“…It looks very new. Are you used to using it?”


“No, not exactly…”


Mister Udoka looked quite disappointed when he heard my answer.

Well, seeing how desperate the situation was, he probably wanted someone that could be sent out quickly.


Having someone who didn’t know how to use an axe well was bound to be disappointing.

And so I continued in order to lessen his worry.


“I’m not used to doing it, but I can cut down trees.”


“Alright. Then let’s see you do it. I’ll instruct you after I watch.”


“Okay. …It’s dangerous when the tree falls, so you should stand back a little.”


I said as I faced a nearby tree.

I made sure that he was a safe distance away, and then I held the axe up…


“Why are you holding it like that?”


I hadn’t even swung, and he was already complaining about my style.

…I had a feeling that I was holding it wrong, and it turned out I was right.

However, I could still cut trees like this.


“This is my personal style. I can still cut like…this!”


I said as I swung with all of my might.

The tree I had cut for the Tiger Fire was about 50 cm thick. But this one was only 30 cm.


With the help of Ultra Combat Art, I was able to cut it in half with just one hit.

And then the tree slowly fell over.


…Mister Udoka watched this with his mouth hanging open.

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  1. You can hear the common sense taking damage.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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