Tensei Kenja – 165

It was going to force its way through


‘That’s it for this machine. …So, I suppose the only thing left to do it escape from here.’


‘Yeah, please do. …Do you want backup?’


‘I do not require backup. They are so weak that not killing them would be the real feat.’


So saying, the dragon stomped loudly as it moved through the mountain cavern.

However, there were no passages that it could fit through. It muttered with annoyance.


‘…Too small.’


While this mountain was huge, it was not large enough for a dragon to walk around in.

There were several rooms that were wide and open, but the passages that connected them were narrow.


That being said…the dragon was here. That meant there was some route that the Blue Moon of Salvation used to carry it here.

And so I started to search the area through using Shared Senses.


After a while, I discovered something to the far left that looked like a transportation route.

It was currently blocked by a giant metal plate, but I suspected that it led to a gigantic, vertical hole to the surface.

Perhaps this was how they had brought the dragon and the giant Universal Purification Machine here.


‘If you walk to the left, you’ll find something that may be an escape route.’


‘An escape route. …You have my thanks.’


The dragon replied. However, it did not go to the left.

I was sure that the passage there was big enough for it to fit…


‘That’s not the right way.’


‘I know.’


The dragon said. Then it swung its claws into the walls of the narrow passage.

The walls crumbled and parts of the ceiling began to fall.




‘We’re going to get buried! Help!’


As the rocks came down around the slimes, they screamed for help.

I protected them with a magic barrier. Then I asked the dragon.


‘Surely, you’re not going to force your way through there…?’


‘Of course, I am. …All of that pain and humiliation they forced onto me. You don’t think I could leave until I made them pay for it with their lives, do you?’


I see.

Apparently, the hatred the dragon had for the Blue Moon of Salvation was very deep.

Well, they had captured it and stuck a cursed stake into its stomach. Then after much torture, they used Cursed Water to take its energy… It would be strange if you didn’t hold a grudge.


As for completely destroying their base. I was in total agreement.

That being said…



Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Right, those terrorists need at least this much, and probably way more, but that big black baddie shouldn’t crush those adorable jellies, or dragon steak is going to be on the menu next time.

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