Flower Field Demon King – 10

Chapter 10


“As for your test, you are to search for a lost cat.”

The receptionist said as he handed Kuders an envelope with the necessary documents.

Kuders opened it and looked inside with a confused expression.


“…A cat?”

“I warn you, it is not as easy a job as it sounds.”

As the receptionist said this, he made a hand sign towards some Adventurers who had started to watch them with interest.

They all reacted and one of them nodded.


“Cats are light-footed and run away from strangers. And they are usually hiding somewhere. Not only that, but they are not very strong, so you have to handle them with care when you do catch them.”

After quickly finishing his silent interaction with the Adventurers, the receptionist began to talk about the difficulty of the test. Then he smiled provocatively.


“In other words, we don’t want people here who can do nothing but fight. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I will take on this task.”

Kuders nodded with a sober expression.

But the receptionist clicked his tongue loudly.

It was hard to know how much of this was an act, but given how Zanatoria had been keeping silent, perhaps all of this was part of the rite of passage.


“Also, Zanatoria will obviously stay here. You must do this test alone.”

“I understand. Is there a time limit?”

Kuders was not intimidated by whatever pressure the receptionist was trying to apply, and he stared back at him with brave eyes.


—I see. So he is not as he appears.

A complete newcomer would have been daunted, but as this man was filled with confidence, he was either the real deal or he was mad.


Unfortunately, it was hard to tell which one this man was.

Indeed, it was as Zanatoria said. There was much they didn’t know.


“Two days. You have two days to bring back the cat.”

“I understand.”


Kuders replied briskly and without asking any more questions, turned on his heels and went outside.

And then…one of the Adventurers followed after him.


It was the man who had nodded after the receptionist had gestured towards them.

He was likely some kind of examiner.


How would he solve this problem?

Were his methods worthy of the guild?

And what of his capabilities?


He would observe all of this and deliver the information to the receptionist.


Once the examiner had left.

Zanatoria burst into laughter.


“Pppffffttt…ppppp…pppff….bahahahaha! Oh, it is too much. I’m going to die! Die of laughter!! Hey. This is really a roundabout way of doing things, Master Gunnard! You hated the previous Master’s methods! And so I cannot believe you would do this!”

Zanatoria was holding his stomach as he laughed. The younger Adventurers in the hall looked towards the receptionist with shock… As for the master of the guild, Gunnard, he turned towards his old partner with a serious expression.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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