Flower Field Demon King – 10


“Hey, now. Stop laughing so much, Zanatoria. Things have changed here, and so I’ve had to adjust my ways. Well, I still don’t like it. But it’s an evil you have to accept as a leader. I’m starting to understand why my father always had a bitter look on his face. Once an organization has been around for a long time, you start having to care about how your members come across. It hurts me as well, alright? It might seem nice to be under such an esteemed establishment, but you’re tied down by tradition and rules. I can’t do anything bold at all. After all, I’m the twelfth master. Don’t you think I should just crush the whole thing and start anew? Who gives a damn of what those old geezers think!!”

The man who was now rudely resting his chin on his hands over the table looked nothing like a guild master. He looked like a juvenile delinquent who had gotten really old.


“Well, you won’t be able to say that if Kuders joins this place. After all, he is an exception in many ways. Hell, are you sure you can even deal with him?”

“He didn’t look like all that much to me. …Besides, he may still fail the test you know?”

Gunnard snorted as he fussed over such details. Zanatoria just shrugged.


“Perhaps. It’s true. Even if he succeeds, the examiner may decide he is unsuitable. But you know, I want him to pass the test.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

The Guild Master raised his head with interest. His old friend grinned mischievously.


“Because it will surely be very amusing if he does.”

“I see. Judging by your face… You’ve brought me a world of trouble. My stomach is starting to hurt already.”


It happened right after that.


“Hey, newcomer. Have you seen the documents that were right here? The one about the escaped arena monster. Apparently, three well-known teams from other guilds have already been defeated. And so we got a message from the client that says we can raise the rank of the quest.”

Such was the conversation that could be heard behind Gunnard.

It was then that an indescribable chill ran up Master Gunnard’s spine.


“Aah, it wasn’t in an envelope. So I took out the contents of a random lost animal quest envelope and put them in there…”

“You bloody idiot! Haven’t I told you that we differentiate quest types by the color of the envelope! You are never to put them in envelopes of a different color! What would happen if someone took off with it by mistake!! Besides, you just left the missing cat documents there as well!”

“I’m sorry. It didn’t seem important…”


As far as Gunnard was aware, there was currently only one missing cat quest at the guild.

And so it was easy to imagine what had just happened.


“Like I said, it’s going to be quite amusing, isn’t it? It’s like this, back at the house as well.”

Zanatoria said with a grin. Master Gunnard put a hand on his stomach and muttered with much difficulty.


“Please…just give me a break.”

So, you pushed the uncontrollable monster onto me, didn’t you?

The teary eyes of his old friend accused him. Zanatoria looked quite satisfied as he replied.


“Have you ever heard these words? ‘A friend halves your pain and doubles your joy.’”

And it was true. For Zanatoria’s face was shining brightly with the sense of achievement he felt over giving half of his pain to his old friend.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So, the receptionist’s the guild master? Also, whats up with Zanatoria? Isn’t he supposed to be a thug of an illegal slave trader? Aren’tslave traders supposed to be evil?

    • Not really though? Morally ambiguous, yes… But not evil by nature.
      Slave traders are pretty much recruitment agencies that take on people that wouldn’t be able to repay debts, unlike how our society has forfeiture and then you can declare personal bankruptcy, they don’t have the personal bankruptcy part and instead have slavery.
      The morally ambiguous part of it is that there are bandits/thieves/scammers/headhunters/slavers, that would capture innocents and sell them off as slaves and some of the slave traders either don’t care about the origin or do care and take care of the slaves by making sure that not just anyone can get them.
      As for the Auction, well, that’s pretty much dependant on the auctioneer and the “facts” that are “known”

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