Flower Field Demon King – 11

Chapter 11


During the same time, Kuders could be seen in a corner on the outskirts of town, where abandoned houses stood.

This district had been ravaged by an earthquake several years ago and had never been restored.


The houses were either completely destroyed or only half intact. As standing proof of the disaster’s power, it was seen as ominous and no one wanted to go near to it.

The only people who came here were criminals who lived here or youngsters who wanted to prove their bravery. And so at this time, no one could be seen but Kuders.


“Now, according to these documents, there have been sightings of it in this area.”

Kuders checked the papers in the envelope once again and sighed deeply before putting them in his bag.


“That being said, I…I don’t really like using investigation-type magic. In the first place, I’ve never seen a cat.”

While it is not a well-known fact, there are no cats in demon society.

There are cat monsters and demi-humans, but they were quite rare. And so Kuders had a difficult time associating the two.


It was not too surprising.

After all, this was like showing someone a picture of a great wolf and then asking them to find a toy poodle.


“Thankfully, it said that they are sensitive to the smell of dead flesh. So, I suppose I could lure it out by using scent.”

After saying this, Kuders drew a magic circle on the ground and began to imagine what he wanted.


In fact, plants that exuded the smell of death were not exactly rare.

For instance, there was the konjac flower and the giant rafflesia. They were known to unleash horrible smells.

It was the smell of rotting meat that attracted flies, which then helped them pollinate.


“I’ve never made this kind of flower before. I must be careful when I chant.”

What he recalled now was the day he had first arrived at the slave house. It was the smell of rot and miasma. The smell of hell.

He did not like to remember it, but he was thankful for the memories now.


Perhaps he had solidified the image of the flower in his mind, because Kuders then breathed in, closed his eyes, and began to chant.

They were words that human society had never heard. No, even those who lived in the most magically advanced place, the Demon Empire, would only have been able to read them in dust-covered books.


“Mi Desero,

Pocarista poskero del mueltos en inhel.

Floracion, la frol el calona.”


When he was finished, Kuders started to walk windward.

At the same time, the sound of something tearing through the dirt and advancing echoed underground.


And then a few seconds later.

The sound of stone breaking filled the air as something huge appeared from the rubble.

Several houses collapsed from the impact, and fragments of rooftops rolled along the lonely, abandoned streets.


What had suddenly appeared in the empty district was a huge flower.

The silhouette was similar to a lighthouse that shone over the sea. But the petals were dark red, just like blood.

And at the same moment that the thick, great pistils showed itself, a horrible stench started to fill the area.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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