Tensei Kenja – 166

Heatproof Alloy

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‘Yes, now I can go through.’


The dragon said after some time.

The once narrow passage had been torn open, and it was just big enough for the dragon to squeeze through now.

And so it stepped inside.


‘Hmm…so they didn’t escape.’


The dragon muttered once it had gone through.

In front of it, were members of the Blue Moon of Salvation.


“There it is! Our power source!!”


“Activate the magic device! I don’t care if we die!”


The dragon heard their words and then drew its claws across the ground angrily.

Apparently, being called ‘power source’ even now was not very pleasing to it.




The dragon unleashed fire.

And just like that, every one of them was turned into ash.


However…there was something else there, other than pale bones.

Something that looked like a great cannon…

The cannon was loaded with a thick stake that gave off an ominous air.


‘Hmm, this…?’


As the dragon looked at in puzzlement, the magic energy around the cannon began to expand.

It was clearly preparing to fire.


‘Very well. I’ll melt it down!’


The dragon said as it inhaled.

Magic energy gathered near the dragon’s head and shone brightly.


Then the dragon breathed its flames…

But while the cannon was enveloped in fire, it remained undamaged.


‘…Hmm. So, it is no ordinary metal…’ 


The dragon’s firepower was not enough to destroy the cannon.

While some of the parts were glowing red, they stayed intact and the magic energy was still expanding.

The reason that it was taking so long to fire, was probably due to the size and weight of the stake.


‘What should we do? There’s nowhere to run…’


The dragon said as it looked towards my slimes.

The cannon was probably made of a heatproof alloy as a measure against dragons.


That being said, it did not seem like there would be enough time to turn back.

The passage was very tight, so the dragon could only move slowly when retreating.


‘Well, you could just get hit by it, and then I’ll heal you after?’


‘…If that happened, I would die. This one is much thicker than the one that imprisoned me.’

Page 2

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. No no, Yuji, don’t ask someone else, even a dragon, to get skewered by a huge spike. Think of the slimes, what will they witness.

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