Tensei Kenja – 92

The Barrier Was Strong


And now, Suppression Isolation Barrier was exposed to ‘The Flames that Purify All.’

However, the barrier—did not budge.


10 seconds. 20 seconds…

Time kept moving, and yet the barrier wasn’t even shaking a little.


Outside, the heat was so high that it was melting everything in sight. But the barrier continued to protect us as if none of that were happening.

And then— ‘The Flames that Purify All’ faded away.


Outside the boundary of the Suppression Isolation Barrier, the world was the same. But inside, there was a giant square-shaped hole that remained after everything had evaporated.

‘The Flames the Purify All’ was definitely stronger than Hellfire of Death.


I didn’t know what they had used to create such a thing…but there was one thing that I knew for sure.

It was that we had survived.


‘…We should go back then.’




We said as we began to walk back towards Rikardo.



“It’s Yuji! Yuji has returned!”


Mister Udoka shouted when he saw that I had returned after my fight with the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Upon hearing this, the other residents of Rikardo gathered around and raised their voices.


“Yuji is safe!”


“They’re all safe!”


Apparently, they had been worried about us.

I was sure they didn’t know that I had been out fighting…so something else must have been happening


“Did something happen?”


“Ah. There was no damage to us here, but there was a massive explosion in the forest… Didn’t you notice it?”



So they mistook Hellfire of Death as some kind of disaster.


Well, since there was no trouble here, I might as well pretend to be ignorant.


“I did hear some loud noise, but I didn’t realize it was a big explosion.”


“Yes. Part of the forest was burned to the ground. No one knows what the reason is, but it’s rumored to be a meteor.”


People seemed to mistake it for a meteor a lot…

Well, perhaps when something of that scale happened without explanation, there was nothing but meteors that sounded credible.


“…A meteor, huh. It’s a good thing it didn’t hit the town.”




We talked about this as I returned to the inn.

It was already getting quite dark outside.


As I was tired from all the fighting today, I was sure I would sleep well.



The next morning.

As soon as I got up, I went to the guild—or tried to, but then I remembered that there was something I needed to do first, and so I returned to the inn.


First, I had to check yesterday’s spoils of war.

I could leave the treasures aside for now…and look through the things that would give me information.


While I did this, I put a barrier around the room.

I didn’t know what might come out.


Thankfully, my MP had already recovered.

So if something dangerous popped out, I could just use Suppression Isolation Barrier again.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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