Tensei Kenja – 115

The Slimes Became 3x Faster



On the next, next day.

When I went to pick up the monster armor, I was greeted by the master who had a very confident expression on his face.


“So, you’re here.”


“Yeah. Is the monster armor finished now?”


“It is. …They are the finest things I have ever made. Well, it’s also due to the materials.”


He said as he showed me the two pieces.

One was a collar with a very practical design. The other one was a small hat for slimes.


Both of them had blue gemstones insides.


“I’m looking forward to it. …Uh, can I test them out now?”




And so I put the collar on the Proud Wolf.

And then…the Proud Wolf shouted.


‘I…I feel so light! It’s amazing!’


He said as he began to run around.

He was much faster now than he had been when while wearing the monster armor with red gemstones.

The normal one seemed to have only increased his speed by 10% at the most…so this was amazing.


It wasn’t exactly 2x as fast now…but it was close enough.

However, there was one thing that worried me.


‘Aren’t you afraid you’ll hit your head against a tree if you run so fast?’


Even if his legs were faster, it didn’t mean that his reflexes had improved.

It seemed like he would find it difficult to dodge obstacles if his speed alone suddenly increased.


And so I asked him…


‘I don’t feel like I would crash into anything! …It’s like I’m just walking normally, but doing it very fast!’


Apparently, the monster armor did more than just increase your speed.

As the Proud Wolf was my main method of transportation, this was very good news for me.


“All right, onto the slimes.”


I said as I put the small hat on the slime’s head.


‘It’s a hat!’


‘It’s not heavy!’


The slime with the hat began to bounce around on the ground.

That in itself was normal…but it was faster.


Slimes were slower than me on foot, and so they usually rode on the Proud Wolf…

But now, the slimes seemed like they would be able to keep up with me if I was running.


While the Proud Wolf was close to 2x faster, the slimes were perhaps 3x faster.

Of course, the Proud Wolf was still the fastest in the end.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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