Tensei Kenja – 115


“…And I can use strengthening magic?”


“Aye. The durability is perfect this time.”


He said. And so I tried using strengthening magic.

The master saw this and nodded.


“…Yes. It definitely won’t break.”


Apparently, he was satisfied with the result.

Now I could take it to battle without worrying about it.


“Thank you. I’m glad I was able to purchase these.”


I said as I tried to hand him the money.

However—he refused to accept it.


“No, we’re not finished yet. …Don’t you do other things when you’re fighting?”


…Did he know all of that as well?


“You want me to try it?”


“Aye. There is no point in having magic armor if you can’t go all out while you’re fighting. …But I’m quite sure it won’t break no matter how you fight. So you can test it without worrying.”


And so I silently activated the magic.


‘Magic Transfer–Area Freeze Medium.’


And then the area around the slime froze.

The Master saw this and raised his voice in surprise.


“Did that…slime just use magic!?”


“Yeah. But please keep it a secret.”


For a bystander, it would look like the slime had used the magic that I had transferred.

…That was fine by me, as it would be very troublesome if people knew that I could transfer magic.

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  1. 3x faster….is the hat red?

    Meme aside, does the hat only affects the slime wearing it or does individual slimes still get the buff when they split off from the hat wearing combined slime? Or when individual slimes split they somehow have a hat on them as well?

    • Yeah, that’s what he should have tested more than the magic… And, if he was going to test magic, he could’ve used something more economical, like a fireball, right?

  2. So, a slime with a hat that is 3x faster, and now on ice, is it a skating pudding? NEED PICS.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. I’d really wanna study slimes if they existed. It’s so fascinating! How to they move? Are they the flies and scavengers of a magic world?

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