Realist Demon King – 59

Adventurers Party


Just as we were about to enter the dungeon, we saw a group of people up ahead of us.

More bandits?

Hanzo put his hand on his sword, but I stopped him.


“They do not seem like villains. But perhaps not quite saints either.”


It was a party of men and women who were Adventurers.

About five of them.


They were armed with long swords, short swords, bows, plate mail, leather mail, chain mail etcetera.


As for us, we must have looked like a very strange group of different races.

And we were ignored. All kinds came to this dungeon, it seemed.


I was going to ignore them as well, but then their conversation entered my ears.


“Now, let’s go down there and search for the treasure.”


The man who appeared to be their leader said. The others shouted in approval.

But there was one, who was almost a boy, who muttered weakly.


“…Uh…um… We are going to search for this ‘drifted relic,’ right?”


“What’s this now? We’ve talked about it many times over.”


“Yes. But I’ve heard that many other parties like us have tried to find it as well. And they’ve all died.”


“Yuri. Is that all it takes to scare you? What a wimp.”


The leader laughed. The others followed.


“Yuri, you’ve always been a weakling.”


“You should go home and suck on your mother’s breasts if you’re so scared.”


“You’ll be in charge of the baggage then, you coward.”


And so they all forced him to carry their things.


Eve watched this and said,

“Tormenting the weak is a popular game in any world.”

She sighed.


Jeanne looked liked like she wanted to say something, but I stopped her.


“We don’t need any trouble. Besides, you two are no different than the rest of them. You are underestimating the boy.”




“Yes. Of course, this drifted relic will be ours. But that boy, Yuri, is the bravest one in that party.”


“Surely not? That stick of a child?”


“Well, we’ll just have to see. I am sure that something very interesting is going to happen.”


I declared. And with that, we entered the dungeon.


According to Hanzo’s information, the drifted relic was supposed to be on the fifth layer of this underground labyrinth.


There would be a vast shallow lake that went up to your knees there. A world of glimmering blue color.


‘That’s beautiful,’ Jeanne whispered dreamily. But we would first have to get passed the first layer.


The first layer was relatively small, but that meant it was harder to avoid the monsters.


Giant bats.

Horn rabbits.

Blue slimes.


The usual monsters.

Of course, none of them were any real threat to us. But Jeanne seemed puzzled.


“Demon King. As these are all monsters. Shouldn’t they be your friends?”


“Demons and monsters are not exactly alike.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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