Realist Demon King – 59


It was a good time to explain this to her.


“Demons are the strongest of monsters and must have intelligence. They also must be humanoid.”


“I see.”


“Most monsters are not humanoid. But even ones that are, such as orcs and goblins, they are still monsters because of their low intelligence.”


“Yes, orcs are such fools.”


She added that she had taught an orc to add numbers recently and was treated as a prodigy.

She laughed.

I didn’t broach the subject of that being the extent of Jeanne’s knowledge in mathematics, as she looked quite smug.


“Well, there are all kinds of monsters. Some live in forests and dungeons while others serve demon kings.”


“Hmm. So most are wild then.”


“I suppose, yes. Wild monsters. It would not be impossible to make them yield to me through magic, but it’s hardly worth the trouble.”




“Because it would cost me a lot of energy. It would be easier to just gather materials and summon them.”




“Try imagining a wild wolf. It would be difficult to tame one, but not so hard if you had it since it was a pup? It is much the same.”


“So as long as you create them, they will be loyal from the beginning?”


“Exactly. Of course, they are not perfectly loyal dogs. And they might bite you. But it’s still easier than taming a wild wolf.”


“Now I understand. You are very good at explaining things. Perhaps you should be a teacher.”


“Thank you.”


It was not the worst suggestion.


Once the world was united and I could go into hiding. I might just take on a different identity and open a school in some small village.


There, children that were smart like Eve,

Arrogant boys like Toshizou,

And idiots like Jeanne would study every day.


As I mused on this, the second layer came into view.

We would finally be able to go down.

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    • You haven’t seen the world my bro, read “Corporate Slave Hero Says He’s Quitting His Job” Both the hero and the demon king went and retired.

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