Realist Demon King – 60

The Boy’s Hidden Power


We saw the party again once we entered the second layer.

They were battling a giant red toad.


The leader swung his sword while the sorcerer shot bolts of lightning and a monk cast support magic.


As for the boy, he was watching their bags.


“Yuri! Bring me my axe!”


The leader shouted. And the boy swiftly brought the axe to him.


“Yuri, the oil! We’re going to douse it and burn it!”


Yuri took out the oil and poured it on the enemy.

There was something very quick and smart about the way he moved.


Even his comrades saw it.

“You do run very quickly, Yuri.”

They laughed.


“I do not like the way they laugh, but he does offer decent support.”

Eve said.


“He must be quite used to it. Perhaps you might want to hire him as an orderly.”

She added.


‘I think he is worth more than that.’ I whispered to myself. Then we ignored them and continued on our way.


We had no reason to help them, and it was certainly not needed.

They would likely make it to the fifth layer without any problem.


The real problem was who could get there first, and defeat the monster that was protecting the ‘drifted relic.’


So we had no time to waste.


We had now reached the fourth layer.


For a Demon King, Hero and kobold ninja, this dungeon did not prove to be particularly challenging.


Even Eve agreed that we should reach the fifth layer quite easily.


“This dungeon must be incredibly boring for a sorcerer such as you, Master.”


“I wouldn’t say that. Besides, we met an interesting boy.”


“You’ve been talking about him a lot lately. Is he really that impressive to you?”


“Endlessly. His movements, especially.”


“Yes, I suppose so. But it is still within reason.”


“I don’t know. We’ll have to find out.”


I said. And so I called to the boy.

He was walking a little slower now.

It wasn’t that he had lost the others.

It was that he couldn’t walk as fast, as he had been forced to carry all of their belongings.


And he was also gathering firewood.


And he was reading a book.


I thought he was like a statue of Sontoku Ninomiya. But only Toshizou Hijikata would know who that was.


And so I said this instead.


“Boy. You seem to be working hard.”


Yuri heard this and turned to look at me. Then he bowed.

A good-mannered boy.


“Oh, you’re from that party we keep seeing.”


“Yes, we’ve seen a lot of you as well. I have been very impressed with you.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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