Realist Demon King – 58

Wyvern Extermination


Wyverns were flying reptiles.


They were generally considered to be in the dragon family, but many scholars claimed they were a different species.

Of course, I would leave that to the biologists.


I preferred to study human history.


Regardless of what category it fits into, it was strong. I could die if I wasn’t careful.


Besides, this wyvern ate human flesh. It did not seem right to leave it alone.

These weren’t my own lands, but there were still villages and towns nearby.

Unnecessary damage should be avoided.

Well, then. We might as well end it quickly right here.

And so I chanted a few words and summoned a spear of ice.

A few more followed until there were five.

I was able to control them freely and launch them towards the wyvern. However, our enemy was stronger than expected.


It even dodged three of the spears.

Still, the others did well.

One was pierced its wing while the other found its stomach.


I could unleash some more magic now and possible freeze it, but the wyvern was proving to be very stubborn.


It could no longer fly, but it could fight. It was roaring still.




It sounded like some giant bird.

I wanted to cover my ears, but there was someone who charged forward without flinching.

A white warrior with golden hair.

It was Jeanne.

She attacked the wing that was still unhurt and then shouted.


“Demon King! Now! You have your chance!”


I didn’t need any further encouragement.

And so I chanted for the second time.

An ice spear materialized once again.

This time I went for size rather than numbers.

It was almost as long as the wyvern.

The damage would be tremendous.

Perhaps it was just me, but it almost looked like the wyvern trembled at the sight of it.


“Ah? So even beasts and dragons tremble when they know they are about to die. But that won’t help you now. You would only go and eat more humans if I let you go.”


Now, if it only ate evil men, I might have reconsidered. Unfortunately, wyverns did not differentiate their victims.


And so the wyvern was promptly skewered.


With the wings destroyed, the sluggish wyvern could do little to avoid the giant spear that tore into its stomach.


It howled once again. This one lasted for a dozen seconds before it finally slumped and died.


It was no wonder these things were seen as dragons. They were incredibly tough.


When the battle was finished, Eve returned to me and handed me my coat.

“That was brilliant, Master.”


“Impressive, Demon King.”

Jeanne agreed, all the while chewing on a piece of dried meat.


It looked like she felt better now, as her appetite had returned. Now, the problem was these bandits.


The smarter ones had already escaped, but half of them were too cowardly to move. They now bowed before me.


“Pl-please forgive us.”

“Spare us our lives.”


They cried weakly.

Well, this incident would likely put a stop to things.

I made them swear to stop their villainy and let them go.

No one was more surprised by this than them.


“You are too merciful.”

“What a great person you are.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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