Jack of all Trades – 213

A Busy Day


I slept and woke the following morning. As there was a lot we had to do, I got up early, took a bath, and got changed and then woke Daniela up.

“Come on, get up. We’ve got a busy day ahead of us.”


“No amount of moaning will save you. You need to conquer this morning weakness of yours.”


I pulled the sheets out from under her. She still didn’t want to get up, and so I had to take the mattress next. It reminded me of what my mother used to do to me. I had nowhere to escape, and so I had to get up.

Of course, Daniela tried to find a place to hide, but there was nothing on the bed now.

Once her eyes were open, there was nothing to do but get up.

“Damn it…”

“Come on now. It’s not so bad.”

Really…I’m not your mother.

I grumbled as I pulled Daniela out of bed and marched her towards the sink. Once her legs started moving, she was able to carry on by herself.

  □   □   □   □

We left the lodging facility as soon as Daniela changed and was ready to go. Mister Hipericam looked very busy behind his desk, and so we tried to pass by him quietly, so as not to disturb his work…but then he called out to us.

“Asagi. I know you’re just being considerate, but it would help if you notified me before leaving.”

“…Ah, right. Well, we’re going to get our bracelets and visit the guild. Also, we need to sign up for the tournament.”

“You don’t have to give me your itinerary. Just let me know that you’re going out.”

“Got it. Uh, see you later then.”

“Yes, please be careful. You too, Miss Daniela.”

“Thank you.”

He did not raise his face even once during this conversation. I wondered how he had even spotted us. Perhaps it was some ability. Well, it was none of our business.

Once that was done, we decided to head for the central guard-house. There, we would exchange the priority pass for bracelets. We had a lot to do today, but we were both in agreement that this should be the first thing on our list.

Then it would be ranking up. And lastly, signing up for the tournament. It was possible that we would be separated into classes depending on our rank, and I didn’t want to look like a cheater…or be disqualified. 

“I think the central guardhouse is this way.”

“We really are in the imperial capital. This building is huge…”

We looked up at the building in front of us. It was five stories tall…

But there was no point in staring at it, and we went inside. Once we pushed the doors opened and entered, we were greeted to a very familiar sight. Like many other guard-houses we had seen, there was an entrance, waiting room, chairs and a table with a counter in the back. A lot of signs were also hanging around.

“So, which one are we supposed to go to?”

“I believe it is that one?”

Daniela pointed at a sign that read, ‘Various Procedures’, which was quite vague. But it seemed likely enough, and so we walked up to the counter as a young woman greeted us.

“How can I help you?”

“I was told to come here and exchange this pass for a bracelet.”

“Ah, the imperial military priority pass. Please wait one moment.”

She got up from her chair and went over to a shelf where she pulled out two bracelets from a basket.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

I placed the pass on the counter and picked up the bracelets.

It was a plain band that was about three centimeters wide. Kind of like a watch. I gave Daniela hers and put mine on. The right wrist seemed appropriate.

“Can I help you with anything else?”

“Uh… Yes. Where should we go in order to enlist in the tournament?”

“That would be at the venue.”

“The venue?”

Now that I thought of it, we hadn’t heard where it would take place… I just knew it was within the imperial capital.

“The imperial arena is to the northwest of the city. That is where you can sign up.”

“I see. Thank you very much.”

Northwest…the troops were in the north. And the west was mainly a district for Adventurers. That’s where the guild was. In other words, it was a place where both could be managed. Northwest.

I sat down in a chair and nodded to myself while checking the map. Daniela was staring at her bracelet.

“Pretty unusual for you to have to wear any accessories, Daniela.”

“True. I do not like dangling things very much.”

She had no rings on her ears or fingers. Perhaps Daniela hated such things… This was a painful blow to me, as I had been secretly planning to have some wind dragon scales and fangs turned into matching necklaces for us… 

“Hmm? Did you want to get me something?”

“Huh!? No…I mean… Uhahaha…”

“Ah, I did not think you were the type.”

“Is that an insult? When am I not thinking about you, Daniela?”

“Hehe. I was not serious. I know you do.”

She said playfully.

“I am not fond of accessories, but I would be happy with anything you wanted to give me. And so I shall look forward to it.”

“Uh…right. Some day.”

This was embarrassing. I turned away and scratched my jaw as if it actually itched.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Suggestion: It was a plane band that was about three centimeters wide. I think that should be plain, unless the bracelet is flat with a hole in the center, like a record.

    • Jawbrie, hi! The typo mentioned above still needs to be corrected:

      It was a plane band…
      ➡️ It was a *plain* band…

      I keep imagining tiny airplanes circling around their wrists. 😁 Thanks for all you do!

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