Jack of all Trades – 370

Leaving Levee

While there was a little distraction…we finally arrived at the Adventurers Guild in one piece.

“‘Adventurers Guild – Relcul.’ …Finally.”
“Come on. Let us get this over with.”

Daniela was rushing us because of what happened last time. She pulled me by the sleeve as we made our way forward.

“Levee…do you have to make a quest report?”
“Indeed. After all, I was hunting down monsters until I met you. I think I will leave this island when I am done.”
“I see. That’s too bad.”

It was just a few days, but it had been pretty fun. And I learned a lot through our little play fight.

“Yes…I wish that I could stay with you.”

She said as she tried to brush up against me. I stepped aside.

“Hey, take it easy. Daniela’s going to kill me later.”
“I would not do that. Maybe just a little.

Damn it.

As it was still day time, there were not too many people inside of the guild. It was in the morning that people buzzed around the quest board, and at night where they drank noisily at the bar. This was a time for those who worked seriously. I was glad that we had come here at this time.

“Well, that’s our counter.”

I said while pointing to Questions & Other.

“I’m going over there.”

There was a different counter for reporting quests. And so we waved at her and then took out our status cards and headed for the counter.

“Excuse me. We’d like to update our status cards.”
“Oh, yes. Both of you?”
“Yes. Together.”

The guild worker smiled and took our cards to the back. But after a moment, I heard her voice rise in astonishment.
And while this attracted some unwanted attention, it was still on the moderate side. We really had come at the best time.

“So-sorry that it took so long…”

The guild worker returned with an apologetic expression and with a posture that looked like she had a metal rod in her back.

“Oh, uh, that’s fine…”
“It is quite annoying to be treated this way.”
“Hey, Daniela!”

I had been doing my best to remove the metal rod, but Daniela jammed it back in.

“Please don’t mind her. Can we have our cards back now?”
“Are you a dog?”

I thought the guild worker would faint, so I pushed Daniela away from the counter and made her sit in the waiting room.

“Really sorry about that. She can be quite stupid.”
“No, I, uh…ohh…”
“Don’t cry. Please don’t cry!”

Now we looked like the bad guys!

“Take in a deep breath! Yes, now exhale…”
“…Phew…I’m sorry… Here are your status cards.”
“Thank you. Sorry again. I’ll scold her about it later.”

I somehow managed to keep her from crying. It made me want to cry myself, but least the whole business with the cards was finished. Ahh…updating your status card wasn’t supposed to be so stressful…

Now… I could finally check it. When was the last time I had done this? Hmm…yes. I think it was when I had accepted the Carteruza quest.

It was with such reminiscing that I returned to the waiting room. Daniela was sitting there with her legs crossed. Only now, some Adventurers were bowing their heads to her.

“I leave you for five seconds and…”
“They antagonized me with their most inane words, so I had to put them in their place.”

She said and then clicked her tongue in annoyance. The other Adventurers shivered. Well, it wasn’t hard to imagine in a place like this. I should have expected it…

“I think they need to be taught a lesson.”
“Come on. Let’s just go.”
“If you say so, Asagi.”

She uncrossed her slender legs and got up. That was enough to make them recoil. And with that, we left the waiting room behind us.
Levee was waiting outside with her back against the wall. She looked at us and sighed.

“I had thought that I had prevented things like this from happening… But some people are very hard at hearing. It’s quite aggravating.”
“Well, it can’t be helped.”
“Indeed. It cannot be helped.”
“Haa… Well then, I must leave. It’s almost time for my ship to depart.”

Levee moved away from the wall and offered her hand, which I shook.

“It was a short time, but I enjoyed the adventure. We should fight again.”
“Next time, I will beat you thoroughly. And then you will be mine.”
“Give me a break…”

She chuckled in reply. In spite of everything, she seemed a little more chill than before. Perhaps her yandere tendencies were just a little joke. Maybe I should just relax…

And then Levee went over to Daniela and they hugged.

“You are my eternal rival. One day, I shall beat you and take your man.”
“What impossible dreams you have. But it is commendable that you challenge yourself. You are always welcome to try.”

It was a dark conversation but they both smiled. Were they really friends? And if they were, they should leave me out of the conversation.

“Goodbye then!”

She waved cheerfully and then disappeared out the door. She was like a hurricane… But I learned a lot. So I regretted nothing.
And perhaps it would be nice to meet her again one day.

“…We should go too. We have not taken a room at an inn yet.”
“That’s true. And I wouldn’t want to bother Rachel again. Let’s look for a place in Fuscus and rest for the day.”

Daniela nodded. And so we turned on our heels and left the Adventurers Guild behind us.

□   □   □   □

Thankfully, the town was full of inns, and we had no trouble finding a room. And as we were close to the sea, there was fresh seafood. And of course, the hot spring was incredible.

We were both in the best mood after the food and the bathes. It was hard to imagine being any more satisfied.

“Ahh… I suppose we can go and say goodbye to Rachel tomorrow. And then we can leave the island…”
“Hey, by the way, Daniela.”
“I met an ogre.”
“An ogre… An ogre!? Oww!”

Daniela had been leaning back in her chair, and so she ended up on the floor. She sprang back to her feet and slammed her fist on the table.

“Tonight… We’re supposed to meet again tonight.”
“Wait. Wait. Wait! I do not understand! Explain it from the beginning!”

It was understandable. And so I told her about what had happened and what the ogre wanted.

“…I see. Well, it is true that they have a right to it. I do not see the problem there. In fact, I think we absolutely must give it to them.”
“Yeah. I think it would ultimately be for the best.”
“Indeed. After all, there is an army of Automata waiting for us. If they are going to help us and utilize that power… They are very welcome.”

Good. So we were on the same page. We would return the treasure.

She should be arriving soon, but I think we still had some time.

“Hey, let’s look at our status cards.”
“Yes. I haven’t seen mine for a while.”

Daniela didn’t seem to care about her status all that much.

And so we took our cards out of our hollow bracelets and said the words.

“Status open.”

◇   ◇   ◇   ◇

Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro
Race: Human
Job: Adventurer(Rank: A)

Alias: Silvergreen
LV: 95
HP: 930/930
MP: 892/892
STR: 503 VIT: 521
AGI: 1091 DEX: 536
INT: 499 LUK: 40
Skills: Jack of all Trades, Master of None(-), Legs of the God Wolf(-), Eyes of the God Wolf(-), Shadow of the Deep Wolf(-), Single-handed Sword(10/10), Shortsword(6/10), Spear(6/10), Bow(2/10), Greatsword(7/10), Presence Detection(10/10), Presence Block(7/10), Night Eyes(8/10)

Magic: Ice Magic(10/10), Water Magic(9/10), Fire Magic(2/10)

Quests: None

Party: Daniela Villesilf

Equipment: Armor
Head – None
Torso – Gleipnir
Arms – Gleipnir
Legs – Gleipnir
Feet – Gleipnir
Weapons – Glampanzer

Clothes – Gleipnir

Accessories – Hollow bracelet

◇   ◇   ◇   ◇

Name: Daniela Villesilf
Race: Light Elf
Job: Adventurer(Rank: A)
Alias: Lightwind
LV: 98
HP: 997/997
MP: 963/963
STR: 481 VIT: 378
AGI: 460 DEX: 523
INT: 499 LUK: 31

Skills: Fresh Green Eye(-), Presence Detection(10/10), Single Handed Sword(9/10), Bow(10/10), Shortsword(6/10), Spear(3/10)

Magic: Wind Magic(10/10), Water Magic(6/10), Earth Magic(6/10)

Quests: None

Party: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Equipment: Head – Mask of the Forest People
Body – Wind Dragon Breastplate
Arms – Wind Dragon Gauntlets
Legs – Wind Dragon Leggings
Feet – Wind Dragon Boots
Weapons – Rapier of the Tree of Life and Death
Bow of the Tree of Life and Death
Clothes – Wind Dragon Shirt
– Wind Dragon Skirt
Accessories – Hollow Bracelet

◇   ◇   ◇   ◇

Hmm…hmm… We looked at it silently. One-handed sword, Presence Detection, and Ice Magic had all been maxed out. The other skills that I used regularly were pretty close too. I felt quite a sense of accomplishment.

Then we traded cards and looked at each others’ stats. Daniela was still a little ahead…
I wanted to catch up soon.

Well, this was no time for quiet reminiscing. The ogre would be arriving any minute now.

“I have never met an ogre before.”
“It was the same with me. I don’t think this one is dangerous.”

She was rough, I suppose. But it couldn’t be helped considering her purpose. It was a matter of great importance.

I opened the wind and pulled Daniela’s hand as we walked into the night sky. Was the ogre waiting there, invisible? I felt pretty excited.

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  1. “Then we traded cards and looked at each others’ stats. Daniela was still a little ahead…
    I wanted to catch up soon.”

    Uhhh, the only stats of hers that are higher than asagi’s are hit points and mana. Asagi beats her in everything else, and she’s supposed to be stronger than him how? This author has a serious set of fetishes man.

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