Jack of all Trades – 371

Ogre Village

The night sky on the remote island was beautiful. The starlight seemed brighter than any of the lights from the town.

It was as we walked through the air like this, that I realized that there was another town besides Fuscus and Relcul. It was on the same side of the island as Fuscus, though not that close. And it was also the biggest of the three towns.

Fuscus was the hot spring town with the inns. Any Adventurers with money and expensive tastes stayed there. The others went to Recul where they could get as drunk as they wanted. It reminded me of Alessa.
So, with all that considered, this third town was likely the port town. When I used Nighteyes, I could see a number of ships. I suppose that was how Levee left.

If it was a port town, they likely had all kinds of goods. All the food and tools used on the island would come through there. It would be nice if we could check it out before leaving.

“There it is.”

Daniela brought me back from my reverie, and I looked in the direction that we were headed. The town had come into view. The lights of Relcul. It looked blurry when looking at it through Nighteyes. But you couldn’t miss it. Even here, the Adventurers liked to drink at night.

“You are going to the alley?”
“Yeah. I think she should be waiting there.”

However, she might be invisible.

We arrived in the town and I activated Presence Block. Now we would be safe from being discovered by most people. Someone like Levee would probably still find us, but she was gone.

And so it was with a feeling of security that I dashed above the roofs and landed in the alley that was our destination.

“We’re here. You’re here, aren’t you?”

I said quietly. Daniela’s sharp eyes moved around the area.

“…Who is this woman?”
“My partner. Don’t worry, she won’t hurt you.”

Came the reply, and at the same time, the ogre I met during the day appeared before us, just as she had before.

She really did look like a classic ogre. The red skin, two horns, and the black hair that reached her waist.
The only thing that she was missing was the club. Well, perhaps she was a little closer to a human than the ogres from folktales.

“Allow me to introduce myself again. I am Asagi. An Adventurer.”
“Daniela. His partner.”

The ogre nodded and then followed us.

“I’m Yunagi, an ogre. It’s a pleasure to meet you, comrades.”

Yunagi. And she called us comrades. Did that mean that we were accepted now? Her voice sounded softer than before as well. Maybe this was how she normally sounded.

“The pleasure is ours, Miss Yunagi.”
“I don’t need titles.”
“Okay, Yunagi.”

She nodded, pleased.

While she was still in a good mood, I took out the ogre treasure from my hollow bracelet. The Ogre gate vajra – Thunderrain.

“We both discussed the issue and have decided to return it to you. Take it.”
“…We have lived a long time in order to see the day when it would return to us.”

An ogre’s face was carved into the old vajra, and now it was in the hands of an ogre.

The ogres that lived long ago had likely hidden it in those ruins, so that the treasure would not fall into the wrong hands. It was a place that even ogres could not go. If they tried, the defense system would have likely been activated.

It had been waiting for a light elf to arrive. For Daniela to be born, to live, to meet me, to know the truth, and to decide to rebel.

It was multiple coincidences that resulted in this reality. And the wish of the ogres was fulfilled.

“…No, this is where it starts. We have to defeat the Nova. Will you help us?”
“I cannot speak for them all. Could you come to our village and speak with the chief?”

An ogre village… Well, I had a feeling it was coming. And to be honest, I was dreading it a little. It didn’t sound very inviting.

“I see. Then you must take us there.”

Daniela said without delay. She was much more positive about such things than me.

“Then let’s go.”
“So, where is this village? Surely it is on this island.”
“It is. Deep underground.”

Underground… But this island had a volcanic mountain. Wouldn’t there be lava…

“We can reach it by the cave near the elven ruins.”
“Oh, so that’s where that cave led to…”
“Yes. By the way, Asagi. You flew here, didn’t you?”

As I nodded to myself over this revelation, Yunagi’s voice rang from above me.

“Strictly speaking, it’s not flying. But yeah, I have freedom of movement.”
“Then carry us there. It will take too much time if we walk.”

Huh. There it was. She was bigger than me and looked incredibly heavy. But I liked the idea of saving time. Besides, Daniela’s magic could help us as well. So it wasn’t impossible.

“Alright. Daniela, help me.”
“Hehe. Now I can take it easy…”
“What did you say?”
“No, nothing.”

She shook her head and Daniela nodded. However, I had heard her clearly.

This ogre was pretty lazy.

□   □   □   □

And so with the help of Daniela, we arrived at the top of the mountain once again. We were now at the entrance of the ancient elven ruin.
The lava looked so much brighter in the night. But this heat seemed rather comfortable to the ogre.

“Don’t look at me like that. Even we ogres would burn in that.”

How did she know what I was thinking?

“There is a hidden path in this cave that leads to our village. Can you see inside?”
“Could we use magic illumination tools?”
“I don’t mind. I won’t have to use my skill if you do.”

So, Yunagi had Nighteyes as well. But that wasn’t a surprise, anyone who spent a lot of time in a dark cave probably got it.

“Ah, it’s been a while since I used one of these.”

It was time to bust out one from the old collection!

The thing I selected looked like an old cylinder at a glance. However, once you filled it with magic energy, it became a flashlight! A magic flashlight. It used high-quality magic stones, which made it brighter than most.

I stood in the lead and walked cheerfully.

“Alright, let’s go, you two!”
“Daniela. Is he always like this?”
“Only when he is around something he likes.”
“I see. There are strange ogres like him in my village as well. Now I understand.”

Hey, I wasn’t strange.

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  1. I wonder if there are any ogres that are reincarnated Japanese? I mean Yunagi sounds like a Japanese name so maybe one of her parents is a former Japanese.

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