Jack of all Trades – 379

White Wolf – Beowulf

“Hehe, they’re like those Komainu guardian dogs.”
“I wouldn’t make jokes that reference home if I were you.”
“I know.”

Well, I did see the resemblance. But the size… Even just sitting there, they were about as tall as children. They would be a similar size to an adult if they stood up.
If they were his thralls, had they originally been forest wolves? Did they evolve?

While I remained cautious as we stepped closer, they showed no signs of hostility. They were very calm.


But then they moved. However, it was not to attack us.

“Well I…”
“Like this, they just look like big dogs…”

When I got closer, the snow wolves all lay down on the ground. Their tails were even wagging. It was odd. They were wild animals…monsters, but they just looked like big fluffy balls.

“I wouldn’t be able to cut them…”
“Me too!”
“It would require some courage…”

They were too cute. I couldn’t help but stretch my hand out to their necks and pet them gently. But they weren’t quite as soft as I had expected.

“Well, will you take us to meet him then?”

They replied curtly and then they turned around and started to run into the forest. There wasn’t a hint of consideration for our ability to keep up with them. These monsters were made for the snow, and it showed.

“I’m going ahead. You should be fine if you stick with Daniela!”
“Ah, wait, Asagi!”

Manager tried to stop me, but I had already gone. I couldn’t wait. I felt bad, but this was one day that I couldn’t think of anything else.

I quickly caught up with the snow wolves and ran with them for some time. Of course, this was while using Legs of the God Wolf. Otherwise, my legs would get buried in the snow and I wouldn’t be able to run.

The wolves looked back once to see that I was following them, and then they just ran straight. It was as if they thought it was only natural that I should be able to keep up.

After some time, the forest opened up into a vast clearing. There was no need to use Presence Detection here. Because I could see the giant white wolf waiting in the center.

“So you came, Asagi!”

Platinum wind swirled around his four legs as he jumped towards me. I rolled out of the way to avoid him. I couldn’t fight with my cape on, and so I put it away in the hollow bracelet and then took out my weapon instead.


The raised great sword swung down. A cloud of snow erupted as Orthros hit the ground.

“It’s been a while, and this is how you greet me!”
“You’re one to talk, Asagi.”

I kept my distance from him for a moment as we sized each other up. Seeing just how much the other had changed.

Beowulf no longer looked the same. Just as the rumors said, he was now white. Though his tail was still three-pronged.

“Did you evolve?”
“Aye, thanks to you. I was born through mana, and now it has helped me evolve. And so I reached my limit in this land.”

I had no trouble admitting that there was a strength and dignity oozing from him. Just facing him now, it was easy for me to see that he wasn’t the same Beowulf.

“I can feel it. By evolving into a white wolf, I’ve become the strongest.”
“I see. The strongest.”

The strongest monsters had names with colors. That’s how things worked here. But I don’t think that meant he was the strongest overall.

“I’m pretty sure that I’m still stronger.”
“Oh… You would say that even when facing me.”

Beowulf crouched. The wind around his legs grew more violent.

“Let’s see then. How much you have grown.”
“I’ll show you. The results of my travels.”

Platinum and jade wind enveloped my legs and I held Orthros behind me. In a flash, the distance between us was bridged. The clash of metal echoed in the air as wind hit steel.

I immediately tried to move away, but Beowulf would not allow it. It was like a strong gust of wind moving through an alley. A twisted and wild tornado followed me, and claws struck down from all directions.

“Oh? Can you escape this?”
“Don’t mess with me!”

Attacks from all directions? That was my speciality. However, it was hard to get out of this current position. I was getting a taste of my own medicine perhaps, and I didn’t like it.

And so I purposely released Legs of the God Wolf and created a violent explosive wind that blasted everything away. Caught by surprise, Beowulf went flying as well. But he wasn’t so pathetic as to do so helplessly. As I got prepared for a follow up attack, he unleashed his Ice Arrows.

I knocked them out of the air with the flat of my blade as I moved in. Then I swung upwards with my sword. Beowulf blocked it with an Ice Shield. It wasn’t just a shield. It was thick, with dozens of layers. Might as well call it a wall. However, it would be his ruin.

All I wanted was for his vision to be obscured for a second. Because with these clothes that had the power of the Wolf God, that was all the time I needed to get behind him.


With God Speed, I went around him and swung down with the back of Orthros. Beowulf was blown into the air and his back slammed into the snow. Powdery snow filled the air.

“That was good…”

While my blade had hit him, I had seen that he blocked it with an Ice Shield in the nick of time. It was quite a feat, generating something that fast. But he was a white wolf. The strongest when it came to ice magic.

I descended to the ground and pointed my sword at Beowulf as he slowly got to his feet.

“Hehe. I win.”

He groaned angrily. But he did not continue the fight.

“Heh. I did it!”

I pulled the blade away and rested it on my shoulder with a smug expression. Just then, I saw that Daniela and the others had caught up to us.
Beowulf noticed this too, and he sighed and lay on the ground.

“It has been a while, Beowulf.”
“Aye. I’m glad to see that you are well.”

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