Makai Hongi – 126

Chapter 126

I found a powerful enemy.

The one who was completely covered in black armor.
He was about the same height if not a little taller than me. But he was definitely wider and thick with muscle.

“So, you must be the boss here!”

He didn’t utter a word as he came towards me.
His feet were heavy, perhaps due to the armor.

I had never seen such thick, full plated armor in the Demon World before. However, I was sure that it would be effective.
The combination of his innate power and the defense ability of the armor would turn him into something like an impenetrable fortress.

“Damn it. This isn’t going to be easy.”

Judging by the other soldiers, this enemy chief was likely of the beast races.
A bear…an elephant…? Perhaps a rhinoceros.
In any case, he was clearly a size bigger than the rest.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what it is. The outcome will be the same!”

My opponent would not be able to move with much agility. I could overwhelm him and win.
Though, he could also overwhelm me if I wasn’t careful. Still, I liked that things were simple.

The fact that I didn’t have to think too deeply about it might just make this easier than previous fights.
And so I raised my club and charged at the enemy.

The distance between us closed, and just as we were about to enter striking distance…

A mass of metal shot in from the side, and slammed into his helmet.

There was a dull ring, and the enemy’s head tilted to the side.
It seemed like he was confused.

Immediately after, another clump of metal came flying. This time, it hit a nearby enemy first and fell to the ground.
This metal clump…I had seen it before. Quite recently, in fact.

“HAAAAA! Hoooo!!!”

Saifo was jumping like a frog towards the enemy.
There was no doubt about it. Saifo had thrown his beloved weapon.

He now held the two blunt weapons in his hands and swung them wildly in every direction.
These weapons were in an odd shape. They looked like maracas or chicken thighs.

They were an ordinary width where you held them, but then they suddenly thickened after that.
Furthermore, they were made entirely of iron.

In spite of being several times heavier than the metal clubs, Saifo wielded it with ease. And at some point, he had started to use two at the same time.
After being hit by something like that, even a heavily armored person would fall over.

“Hey, that’s my prey…”

As the enemy got back up, Saifo began to pound him with his weapons.
The armor was likely several centimeters thick, and now dents were appearing in it as it bent and crumpled.


Saifo was drooling as he opened his mouth wide and continued to smash the armor.
I was hit by a feeling of deja vu as I watched him.

“Ah, yes. It reminds me of my mother when she made hamburger steaks.”
Yes, when she minced the meat.

He held the weapons in both hands and struck down one at a time. Everyone who watched had an expression of disgust on their face.
After all, the dull clangs were turning into wet splatters.

“Now that I think of it, he’s the second strongest Ogre in the village after me.”

Of course, he lost every single time that we fought, but within the village, he and Beka were in a class of their own compared to the others.
To be honest, they almost seemed like a new type of Ogre. That was how strong they were.

In my case, I was winning through knowledge and experience acquired in my past life. But these siblings were much better than me in terms of natural ability.
Hell, I didn’t even have as much mana as Saifo.

And I was the one working under Farneze and had numerous subordinates. So you could see just how strong he was.

Once I saw that the armor had turned into a cutting board, I told Saifo to stop.

“Huh? It’s already finished?”
He said to the remains, which could have only been a corpse. And predictably, there was no response.

“I’m amazed that you can say such things here.”

I wondered what to do, now that everything had gone quiet. It was then that I heard the voice of someone who did not know how to read the room.

“Heeey! What should I do with this, Golan?”

It was Saifo’s sister, Beka.
She was carrying the fox-headed man that I had first attacked.

And while she was holding him by the neck, his limbs were swaying in an unnatural way.

“Beka. You’re no bet… Nevermind. What do you mean?”

“I think he was stronger than the others, because he was sleeping. Isn’t it strange? But then he got up, so I went snap-snap-crack!”

“Uh, I see.”
On closer inspection, bloody foam was coming out of his mouth. Perhaps his lungs had been punctured by his bones.

Unlike Saifo, Beka didn’t really like to use weapons.
When I had first fought her, she tried to strangle me with her bare hands and also tried to crush my nuts. She was a very dangerous person.

Well, she was a little calmer now. She only tried to crush my skull with her hands, that’s all.
It was due to these various threats that I always attacked her joints in order to restrain her. However, as the years passed, she started to imitate me.

Having her joints dislocated every day probably taught her a thing or two.
Recently, she would even come for mine, and so I counterattacked with reversal techniques.

But no one else knew how to get out of such attacks, and so she was often successful with others.
And like that, bones were mercilessly bent by her.

Beka was used to it now, and could easily crush wrists, elbows and shoulders.
From what I could see, it wasn’t just the legs and arms that were broken, but also the ribs.
Perhaps the spine was also broken in several places.

I had not taught her to do any of that, but I couldn’t help but think that dislocating her limbs three hundred times a year had turned her into the person she was today. Sometimes, I really did blame myself.
Not that I would ever admit it out loud.

“Hey, Beka. Just throw that away and find some other prey to play with.”

She must have lost interest, as she tossed it to the side and began searching for some tasty prey—in other words, an enemy with high mana. However, things had already settled around us.

In fact, no one else was fighting.
The enemy were all on their knees and signalling their surrender.

Apparently, the battle was over.

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