Jack of all Trades – 380

Wolf Meeting

They must have kept running through the snow. Daniela exhaled white breath as she ran up to me and smacked me over the head.

“You idiot bastard!”

I hadn’t expected her to be so angry.

“You had me so worried…damn you…”
“And you are even injured. You must be more careful.”

Now that she mentioned it, my cheek and arm had been cut. The pain suddenly started to creep in.

“It is likely because of my wind. It freezes all that it touches before tearing it apart.”
“Still, you have become so much stronger, Asagi… You are on a different level from the other Adventurers around here.”

A snow wolf came out of nowhere and left some herbs next to me, which I gladly accepted. I just rolled them up in my hands and squeezed the juices out over the wound on my face. Then I pressed the leaves onto my arm. It would speed up the healing process a great deal.

“So, you are the wolf and rival to Asagi that they are all talking about. I’m Rindo.”
“My name is Lemonfrost. We’re not enemies, so please don’t eat us.”
“I am not the same Beowulf that I once was. Do not worry, you will remain uneaten. I made a promise with him.”

He said as he bashed his giant paw into my face. Hey, I wasn’t a sandbag.

Now the introductions were finished. I knew the truth of the rumor, and we had reunited. But I still wasn’t sure why he was here…

“So, what brought you here?”
“It’s a simple thing. This is where the God Wolf was born.”
“Ah, I see.”
“I believed that here, I would be able to come stronger… And indeed, I have changed a lot. This place has a dragon vein with the ice attribute. It overflows onto the surface.”

That’s why it was so cold. The icesnow phase had ended, but I had thought it was just like this up north. But it made sense for it to be from the dragon vein. So it was like this all year round.

“It was when I was absorbing mana in a spot that was especially thick with it, that I was seen by Adventurers. I fought with them several times as a result of that. Which gave me plenty of practice when it comes to fighting humans… However, you were different, Asagi.”
“Well, I wasn’t exactly wandering around and taking it easy all of this time. I even met the God Wolf.”
“What?! Is that true!?”

I was one to talk, but it was a little off-putting how enthusiastic he suddenly became. I took a step back.

“I want to meet her. Introduce me.”
“Uh… Okay, wait a minute.”

She might be busy right now. But maybe if it was just a short visit. A very short one.

I took out the key from the hollow bracelet and inserted it into the air. There was a click as I turned it, and the door opened.

“I’ll go and call her. Sorry guys, can you all wait here?”
“I do not mind. If Beowulf wishes to meet her.”
“I pray that Miss Rachel is in a good mood.”
“As do I.”

Alright, they had all nodded in agreement. It was time to go and get her.

□   □   □   □

And so I brought her back…

“Ah, uh, um. Are you the God Wolf?”
“Mmm. Well, I suppose I am…”
“Why are you two suddenly introverts!”

Wait a minute…

“Beowulf. Did you get your memories back?”

He seemed to be acting more human than before. I stared at him, but he averted his eyes. I was right then.

“When I evolved… I’m quite troubled about it. That I am a monster now. And so I wanted to meet the God Wolf, who is a monster in the form of a human.”
“Hmph. Well, I felt the same way once, and… I shall teach you magic that will allow you to turn human. Once everything is over, that is.”
“Thank you… I do not know if I would have been able to preserve myself if I hadn’t met you and Asagi.”

Those who weren’t born as humans were on a path of self-destruction. Perhaps it was a miracle that I had come here without losing anything. However, we didn’t need miracles. People shouldn’t be brought here in the first place. That’s why the Nova couldn’t be allowed to stay free.

“…Hmm? When everything is finished?”
“There is a big battle ahead of us. And you must join it.”
“It would be very comforting to know you were with us, Beowulf.”
“In order to become human…very well. I will join you.”

This was going very well. Rachel had a strong pull over people.

“Will you tell me more about this battle?”
“Aye, of course. It is related to you, after all.”

□   □   □   □

After explaining it to him, Beowulf agreed once again, though this time a little more aggressively. After all, this was the reason that he was born in this world as a monster. Of course, he was angry.

“Thank you for telling me, Asagi. I will fight with everything that I have.”
“Yes, I have high expectations for you.”

He was one of the strongest of monsters. What more could we ask for?

“My thralls will also fight. I take it there would be no problem with that? After all, ogres are joining too.”
“Yeah. I think it would be fine.”

Perhaps some other humans will join as well. It wasn’t impossible that things could become too chaotic. I would have to lead them so that didn’t happen.

“It’s getting very cold…You should head back before night falls.”
“Is it already that time? Asagi, let us return for now.”

As I talked with Beowulf and petted a playful snow wolf, Daniela called to me. I looked up and saw that the sun was starting to descend. Yes, it would not be wise to stay any longer. Who knew what would happen on the way back? It was time to leave.

“I’ll come back again. Then we can decide on where to gather together when the time comes. You too, Rachel.”
“What? How troublesome.”

She grumbled. However, she would be the one keeping in contact with the ogres, and so she needed to be there. As there were no telephones in this world, Rache’s home was very useful.

“See you tomorrow, Asagi.”
“Yeah, see you.”

And so we returned to Erediares.

□   □   □   □

On the way back.

“Hey, Asagi. There is a giant spider creature over there.”
“Really? Is it female!?”
“No, it is quite handsome. Definitely male.”
“Damn it!!!”

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