Cave King – 166

Chapter 166 – Raise Hell!

“It-it’s delicious! H-how can anything be so sweet!”

Alyssa couldn’t help but exclaim as she sat beneath the World Tree. She had a blissful, dumb expression on her face as she drained her cup of tea and honey.
After that, she continued to eat the grilled fish and fruits.

Rienna looked at her worriedly.

“Uh, Miss Alyssa. You might choke if you go too fast.”
“I’m fine! How could I possibly choke on something so delicious…ggffaa!”
“Really, Miss Alyssa…”

Alyssa bowed her head apologetically as Rienna patted her on the back.

“So-sorry… But this is such a surprise. Not only is this place beautiful, but there is so much food.”
“It’s all because of the blessing of the World Tree. I don’t know why, but the number of fish has increased after we planted it… And some of the fish are huge.”
“I hear that fish eat bugs and dead leaves. Perhaps it’s the leaves of the World Tree that attract them to this place.”

Alyssa was probably right. Of course, that didn’t really explain the Leviathan and Devil Hoppers.

However, Alyssa immediately looked like she realized something.

“Huh? Oh, yes. We were able to make the World Tree grow so big by using something called a Sun Stone.”

After hearing this, Alyssa was quiet for a moment as if her mind had stopped working.

“Lord Heal. I might look like a fool to you, but even I will not believe something like that!”

Well, it was one thing to believe in the existence of World Trees, and quite another to believe that it grew so rapidly…
If she wouldn’t believe me, then I would have to show it to her some time…

“It-it’s not a lie… In any case, you see how we can catch a lot of fish now? We’ll have our sorcerers fish for a while. And increase the number of fishing boats.”
“I am grateful. I’ll send you some workers to help.”
“Sheorl’s population is quite small, so that would help… Ah, here’s Baris.”

I turned around to see Baris greet us with a bow.

“This is Baris. He is Sheorl’s…Prime Minister.”
“I am Alyssa. You are…Sir Baris?”

Baris smiled as Alyssa stood up. He looked a lot like a devil, and she was clearly a little intimidated by him.

“Hohoho. In spite of my appearance, I am really an old man with a crooked back. Please don’t be frightened.”
“Baris. The reason that Alyssa is…”
“I was able to hear your conversation from afar.”
“Wi-with magic?”
“Yes. The wind carried the sounds…I was taught this by someone from the ancient empire. After all, it’s my job as Prime Minister to understand what you intend to do, and act in advance.”
“I-I see…”

There was something frightening about Baris’s growth as a magic user.

But he ignored my reaction and continued.

“First, I will use magic to catch fish, and the slimes will use the iron carriage to carry it underground. As for how much we can send right now, that is up to the princess.”

Rienna nodded at this.

“Including the fish we have preserved, we should be able to send ten thousand fish. I’ll have the slimes transport them immediately.”
“And I’ll go and unload some iron at the smithy. So I can have them make new weapons and armor.”

Mappa’s apprentices were quite skilled… However, I still wished that Mappa was there as well.

Upon hearing this, Alyssa bowed her head.

“I cannot thank you enough. We will also send people to help with transportation. And if there is anything else we can do, please let us know. Well, I must return now and prepare the mushrooms to send.”

Alyssa said as she stood up. But Rienna called to her.

“Why don’t you eat a little more first?”

Alyssa looked towards the kitchen with ravenous eyes, but then she shook her head.

“I wish that I could…but the others are starving. I cannot spend so much time here. Besides, I’ve eaten so much already.”

Alyssa then turned to me.

“Now, it’s my turn to give you a tour of our city. You will come with me, Lord Heal?”
“Yes. I’ll go as soon as I’ve delivered the iron.”

And like that, we returned to the underground.

However, something was happening by the entrance of Arancia.

The Golem, Goblin and Kobold guards were holding their shields up.

And so I asked one of the Goblins.

“What happened here?”
“L-Lord Heal! People in golden armor suddenly appeared and got into a fight with the General! We were told to stop anyone who tries to get past us!”

I raised my voice, and Alyssa replied.

“I-it might be the royal guards from the holy place! We must go at once!”

And so we entered the gate and came out into Arancia.

Erevan and the Golems were standing right in front of the gate.

As they held their weapons, the soldiers on the other side pointed spears at them.
They did look just like the soldiers we had seen at the holy place. They had high quality, golden armor.

“Chief? Don’t worry, I haven’t killed any! Argh!”

As a few soldiers attacked him, Erevan smacked them with the blunt side of his axe, and they went flying into the air.

There were already about ten soldiers writhing on the ground at his feet.

They look like they had all tasted his axe as well, and their armor was cracked.

However, there were over a hundred soldiers in all. And I could see some of them fighting the Golems a short distance away.

And then I heard a voice cry out.

It was one of the guardians of the gate, Ogus.

“Princess Alyssa! I’m so sorry! When I made the report to His Majesty, Grand Duke Bilene ordered for his soldiers to come and investigate! I tried to stop him!”

Then Erevan opened his mouth.

“Well, they spoke of arresting monsters as soon as they arrived. And so we just fought back. Besides, we couldn’t allow armed men to come through the gate without your permission, Chief.”

Erevan said as he knocked another soldier off of his feet.

It seemed like he hadn’t moved a single step since coming here. It was clear that it was the people from the holy place that had attacked first.

Had they wanted to negotiate with us, they would have sent a servant.
Sending this many armed soldiers meant they had wanted to take control of Sheorl by force…

Alyssa immediately started shouting.

“All of you! They are not our enemies! They are here to help Arancia!”

However, a soldier replied with a cold voice.

“Your Highness. We were ordered to bring you back with us. Please return to the holy place.”
“Are those my father’s words?”
“No, they are the words of Grand Duke Bilene.”
“Then I will not obey! My role is to help build a cooperative relationship with them!”
“Then we will just arrest you… Take her!”

And just like that, the soldiers all fell upon us all at once.

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  1. Of course they wouldn’t just ignore such an important place. Now that the gate in this tower is known to work of course the greedy baddies will want to take over. It’s what they do. A baddie wouldn’t be a baddie if not doing something bad.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. I wonder if trying to reverse the calamity on this continent will continue to be easy mode for Heal? It is obvious that the Duke won’t be any challenge. Honestly wish the author would get back to the digging and romance, because his conflict scenes suck.

    • I think here he’s basically setting heal up to become the ruler of this new area as well after defeating the duke. he’d marrying the current princess for a political marriage. Rienna would be the first, the slime queen second since she’s the ruler of the underground world, his old fiancee as a tie to the mainland, and then this new princess as the wife in the new continent. it makes sense from a political perspective, but I suppose it won’t happen that way since NU doesn’t have a harem tag for the series.

  3. He could just use his barrier magic and do a Barrier Burst or wind magic to blow them all away without killing them if he’s worried about that then shoot off a few mega fire spells above the so-called Holy Land to scare those idiots into submission at least for a while. Then he could use that time to have the rest of the population immigrate to Sheorl before abandoning those noble assholes there to the oncoming monsters. Heal DOESN’T need to save everyone especially if there are going to be people that would want to take advantage of his kingdom for their own selfish reasons. Anyways whatever is happening to that continent seems too big for Heal to be able to resolve so I think it’s a lost cause. Just take the people that can be useful to Sheorl and then yeet on out of there. He can then disable the teleportation stone that leads there from Sheorl’s side to prevent either the nobles from trying to invade or whatever catastrophe is happening there from spreading to Sheorl.

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