Cave King – 62

Chapter 62 – I was revered for some reason!


“Lord Heal. It’s them again.”

“Ahh… But it’s strange…”


The golems stood in a line along the wall and just stared at us. They didn’t do anything.


“Maybe they won’t attack as long as we don’t? Huh?”


Shiel suddenly started to move forward.


And once Shiel arrived at one especially large tombstone on a small hill, the slime began to shake and jiggle.


The golems watched this, but did not do anything.


“What does this mean? Is there something special with that tombstone?”


While keeping an eye on the golems, Taran, Fule, and I walked towards Shiel.


“Shiel. You know this place?”


Shiel didn’t answer me, but it reached out and touched the crystal.


And then, the gravestone began to shine brightly.


It was so sudden that I closed my eyes.


However, I then opened them slowly…


And there stood a woman who was so beautiful that I thought she was a goddess.

Her lustrous, long hair was so bright that it would put any golden thread to shame.

And those sapphire-like… No, I was bored of looking at sapphires now. This looked like the sea bathed under the rays of the sun. Such were her blue eyes.

She seemed to be the same age as me. However, there was a mature dignity there that I lacked.


She was wearing a blue dress that was not too different from what was worn in my country.

However, it was decorated more beautifully and extravagantly than anything I had ever seen.


Every precious gem I had ever dug up could also be seen on her dress.


She then raised the hem of her skirt and bowed.


“Hello, Lord Heal.”



As I was so taken in by her appearance, I couldn’t help but stutter.


“You’re so easy…”


I could hear Fule mutter from behind. But she also said hello when she and Taran were called.


“This is my first time meeting you like this… I am the one everyone calls Shiel.”

“Huh? You’re Shiel?”


What did this mean? After all, I could still see Shiel jiggling down by her feet.


“Yes. I suppose you could say that I am Shiel, and I am not Shiel… In any case, this slime here and I are one and the same. But, I usually have the mental capacity of a slime…which I’m sure has been a great inconvenience to you all.”


I shook my head.


“Hardly! You’ve always been very…helpful.”


Shiel looked at me and laughed.


“…This is very strange, isn’t it? And to think that we always sleep and bathe together…”

“Oh… I-I’m very sorry!”


I said with a bow.


Yes, Shiel had always helped me wash up and I even used her as a pillow… This person right in front of me.


Not only has she seen me without clothes, but she also helped me get clean.


My mind was about to boil over on the spot, but then she continued.


“There is no need to apologize! …I am grateful for all the affection you’ve shown… Besides, your scent was… Oh!”


I was feeling very light-headed, and Taran and Fule had to help support me.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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