Cave King – 121

Chapter 121 – I was known!?


Just as the dragon with the dumb expression came into view, we were assaulted by a wave of heat.

On the other side of the red dragon, a boiling, red sea spread out into the distance.

So this was the melted rock that was called magma, that I had heard about.

The wind was pushing that heated air towards us.

Then the red dragon opened its mouth.

“Y-you broke it!? The wall that would not break, though I did my best for thousands of years!? Wha-what did you do!?”

I could hear the voice coming from behind me as well. That was the double. The red dragon was likely the real king of the underground.

However, I hadn’t done anything special…

No, this wall that I just broke. It wasn’t an ordinary rock wall. When I checked what my Inventory had automatically gathered, I saw that there was something called a ‘Sealing Stone.’

According to the Encyclopedia, it was a stone that only a ‘Cave King’ could break.

I see. The reason that the underground king could not break it, was because it didn’t have the right crest.

In any case, I showed the king my pickaxe.

“I opened it with this.”

“Wh-what is that?”

“It’s called a pickaxe. It’s a tool used for mining.”


“I use it to break rocks.”

“It-it’s not a weapon?”

“Yes. You usually wouldn’t use it to fight.”

Usually. However, it was a weapon to me, when I used it to fight the Golems.

But it wasn’t anything special. Well, aside from being made of Mithril.

“You did it with something like that… What are you?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that. I’m the lord up on the surface.”

“I am not asking you for your title! What is your crest?!”

The king of the underground shouted as he looked at my right hand.

“My crest? My crest is ‘Cave King’…”

“Ca-cave King!?”

The moment that he said ‘Cave King,’ the underground king jumped into the lava and melted away.

At the same time, the fire dragon that was behind me also disappeared.

I could sense magic coming from the magma. So, the magma itself was the true form of the underground king.

“What happened?”

I asked. And then the magma opened its mouth.

“You came here to kill me, didn’t you!? Because I dared to call myself the king of the ‘underground’!”

“Wa-wait! Why do you say that!? That’s not why I am here. I just heard that you were trapped down here, and thought I might be able to free you!”

I said. But the magma was shaking. The king of the underground was terribly frightened.

“Re-really? You are not angry with me?”

“Do I look angry to you? Besides, I’m not sure why I should be angry.”

“Because I called myself the king of the ‘underground.’”

“So you thought I’d be angry because you encroached on my territory as the ‘Cave King.’ Well, I’m not mad. Besides, the underground isn’t really the same thing as a cave.”

“Yo-you really mean it? Hmm. This does not fit with the reputation of the Cave King…”


He had been trapped here for thousands of years. There was no way that he could have heard about the reputation of someone like me, who was only fifteen years old.

Then the underground king seemed to have come to a realization.

“Hmm? So you must be a successor?”

“I’m not sure. But I’ve only been alive for fifteen years. I’m not the Cave King that you’re thinking of.”

“I see. I see… Hehehe. Hahahaha!!”

The king of the underground let out a great laugh, which caused waves of magma to rise. Eventually, he turned back into a dragon made of fire.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. I am caught up! Hello, I have been through these chapters in one go on my first time reading it!

    I’m very very grateful, because I have an illness which keeps me mostly bed-bound and I was forced to go outside to my doctor’s office, following which I have been in so much pain that it is not believable. The story was fun and very distracting from the pain!

    Thank you for translating set a relaxing story to read for us. Take care of yourself or -selves!

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