Cave King – 95

Chapter 95 – The octopus talked!!


“Wa-wait! I will open it now!”

Aries said frantically as Mappa knocked on the device loudly.

As Aries had ‘won,’ it now agreed to open it up.


The voice echoed. And a panel on the side of the control device swung open.

And out slithered what looked like the arm of an octopus.

No, it really was. The thing was an octopus with eight arms.

The only thing that made it a little different than a normal octopus was that it seemed very round overall and it had a very big head with large eyes.

One of its arms was carrying a yellow stone.

The stone glowed every time that Aries’s voice echoed.

“Uh, hello! I am Aries!”

Aries said with an arm raised in salute.

‘Uh, hello.’ I returned. Fule and the others looked shocked.

Not only that, but Mappa was drooling as he looked towards Aries. It seemed like he would pounce on the octopus at any moment now.

Yes, Mappa really liked octopus…

Fule held Mappa back as she said,

“A-Aries…are you an octopus?”

“An octopus!? I am of the high, noble race of…Octo!”

There wasn’t much confidence towards the end.

“I-I’m sorry. My name is Fule. And this is…”

“I’m Heal. Uh, Aries… Do you live down here?”

“No. In fact, I…”

Its face suddenly darkened.

“You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to. Uhh, Shiel.”

I looked at Shiel as if to ask if she had ever heard of these Octo people.

I knew it. Shiel’s expression seemed to say.

And then she entered the machine and her voice rang.

“…Lord Heal. This is a creature from another star. They came down with the meteors long ago.”

“Another star?”

“Beyond the sky…I do not know how to explain. Apparently, an exiled princess. She was just a baby when I was last here. She was supposed to be in the tank next to this chamber, so she must have gotten out.”

I see…no, I didn’t understand at all.

However, this race lived in a different place from Shiel.

Then Aries turned to Shiel.

“Huh? Does that mean you are also one of those people who walk on two legs?”

“Yes. Though I look like this now…Aries. Did you learn to speak through books?”

“Ahh! The One Hundred Countries! I got my name from the protagonist!”

“I see. Lord Heal… It seems she was raised on books from our culture, as she has little memory  of her home. Can you not find it in your heart to forgive her?”

I suppose she felt that Aries had been rude.

However, there was no need for Shiel to apologize for her. And we hadn’t been hurt in any way.

Besides, I felt a sort of kinship towards her, since she was an exiled princess.

“Forgive? You’re exaggerating. I understand the situation now… Aries. Would you like to come to the surface with us?”

“In other words… You have acknowledged my talents as a brilliant strategist?”


She looked so happy as her arms wriggled around.

“However, Aries, who served Beleira, was asked one hundred times to join…so I…”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. [memory of her home] -> {memory of her home} ~ just a double space thingy, no biggy 😀

    Alien octopus… this novel does like to surprise, a lot. Still, a funny new character.

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