Cave King – 95


“Oh, uh, if you want to stay, that’s up to you.”

“…That was the last thing Baleira said! Very well… I, Aries, swear to serve you loyally!”


Aries bowed her head as she went on to declare her allegiance. I was rather stunned by it all.

Fule whispered to me.

“…Wouldn’t it be better to just have it stay here?”

“But it must have been quite lonely being here for so long. That being said, how is it talking?”

I muttered, and then Shiel took out several yellow stones from inside of the control device.

They were just like the one that Aries was holding. A little like candy.

“What is that?”

I asked. Shiel returned to the device and her voice echoed.

“It is a Translation Stone. A stone that interprets speech. This is what Aries is using to talk to you.”

“Indeed…so, if we have this…”

I looked at Taran and Mappa.

However, Shiel continued.

“It is only able to translate words. Unfortunately, it will not allow you to talk with those who do not speak, such as myself and Taran.”

“So, are you using magic to talk now?”

“Yes. The magic in this device.”

“I see…”

But…does that mean Mappa can talk?

“I will continue to use the control device!”

“Uh, yes. Thank you.”

I took one of the Translation Stones and stood in front of Mappa.

And then I handed it to him.

“Mappa…with this, we can finally…”

Mappa gulped and then accepted it.

We would finally be able to hear his voice. I felt my emotions rise like never before.

And then…Mappa’s mouth opened wide.

…So, what would he say!?


As if to deliberately crush all of my expectations…Mappa tossed the Translation Stone into his mouth.

Well, even I thought that it looked pretty delicious. So I sort of understood the impulse.

However, Mappa quickly spit it out again.

He had realized that it tasted bad.

“…Mappa. Were you listening to me?”

‘But!’ Mappa’s face seemed to say.

Maybe he really just didn’t want to talk…?

Up until now, he had never even tried to say something to us.

Perhaps there was nothing that could come out of his mouth to translate.

I felt a little disappointed but also relieved…

I sighed and then Shiel’s voice echoed.

“I have finished controlling the Golems…however…”

Shiel paused.

It was likely about the frozen bodies.

However, she did not want to give up, and she returned to pressing buttons on the machine.

That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, a dark and huge shadow appeared from one of the holes that the Golems had come from.

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    • There are so many scientists who conject that octopuses are not from earth, they are that strange. Seriously, they are freaking weird and alien.

  1. Hiel: Maybe now, finally, Mappa can talk, finally we may hear his voice…
    Mappa: I wonder how this rock tastes

    So, this story has a couple continents with plenty countries, an ancient fallen empire, a dragon trader traveling through the underground, tons of fantasy monsters, a world tree, an impressive selection of magical stones and crystals, a revived kid dwarf that’s better at smithing and other smithing related things than anyone else known about, slimes with souls, and now an alien princess… who is actually a speaking octopus. This author, he just went for all the tropes he could think of 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • Seams he is randomly rolling up the character and whatever he gets, he forces himself to fit into the story.

      Got mad respect for him 😀

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